Planning Committee Meeting

MINUTES of the meeting held 16th October 2023

In attendance:

Cllr Lena Hogben

Cllr Steve Hogben

Cllr Marilyn Houston

Cllr Toni Mortimer

Cllr Kevin Murray

Cllr John Rhodes

PL/23/5/1 To receive apologies for absence
  Cllrs Messent and Straine-Francis
PL/23/5/2    To note declarations of Members’ interests
  Cllr Houston declared a pecuniary interest in agenda item m8.1 and took no part in the discussion or decision

Cllr Steve Hogben declared a non-pecuniary interest in application 23/3773 as a member of the Railway Cottages Residents’ Association

PL/23/5/3 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 18th September 2023
  RESOLVED: That the minutes are approved as a true record of the meeting
PL/23/5/4 Public Participation
  A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments that relate to the items within the agenda.

To consider making a response to the following planning applications:


Application No: 23/3613N
Proposal: 1no building mounted fascia sign displaying company name and logo

No comments

Application No: 23/3065N
Proposal: Listed Building Consent for the replacement of 8 multi glazed windows in the main hall.
Location: Christadelphian Hall, 248, EDLESTON ROAD, CREWE, CW2 7EH

Whilst the committee supports the principle of repair and  maintenance of the building, it was commented that the conservation officer’s advice includes details of options for replacements. The application has not defined the details of the materials and heritage approach with regard to the replacement windows and without this detail the committee is unable to support the application and seeks greater detail in the exact treatment, products and materials to be used.

Application No: 23/3674N
Proposal: Change of use from office, light industrial to indoor swimming pool.
Location: UNIT 2 THE TRAINING CENTRE, Wistaston Road Business Centre, WISTASTON ROAD, CREWE, CW2 7RP

The application was welcomed, but the committee seeks assurances that on site safety concerns will be addressed

Application No: 23/3644N
Proposal: Non-material amendment to approved application 21/4382N: Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a residential development (Use Class C3) alongside a care home (Use Class C2) with associated access, parking, landscaping and infrastructure.

RESOLVED: That the committee objects to the proposals on the following grounds:

i.                    Reduction in residential accommodation size provides for a lower standard in affordable accommodation

ii.                   The apartments as defined as 1 bedroom is misleading as they show a lounge and a TV room, with the TV room misrepresented as it is will be a second bedroom in living practice. As such the designs demonstrate the intent to not meet and circumvent minimum technical housing standards

Application No: 23/3484N
Proposal: To convert premises from office with flat above to 3no. 1 bedroom flats and 2no. studios for providing residential accommodation for people in need of care (Use Class C2) with ancillary office accommodation at ground-floor.

RESOLVED: That the committee objects to the proposals on the following grounds:

i.                    1st Floor layout proposes 2 separate living spaces. Neither conform to the minimum technical housing standard on space of providing a minimum gross internal living space area of 37m2 for single occupancy (noting that single occupancy has not been specified and so could be used for multiple occupancy and therefore the proposals are further from compliance)

ii.                   Ground Floor layout proposes 3 separate living spaces. 2 of which do not conform to the minimum technical housing standard on space of providing a minimum gross internal living space area of 50m2 for occupancy by 2 people.

iii.                 The application does not provide details of sustainable waste storage

iv.                 The application does not provide details of secure cycle storage

v.                   Safe emergency 1st floor egress across a flat roof has not been defined or discounted

vi.                 The Design access statement references adequate on street parking provision available, which is not the case and evidenced by localised issues

vii.               The Design Access Statement refences the site is in Macclesfield within its conclusion.

viii.             The proposals do not provide details of any external amenity space

ix.                 The proposals are considered over development of the site


Application No: 23/3698N
Proposal: Change of use from mixed use D1 childcare and residential to residential use only (single dwelling)
Location: 18, OAK TREE DRIVE, CREWE, CW1 5LB

No comments

Application No: 23/3755N
Proposal: Single storey rear extension to the lower ground floor to provide ‘granny flat’ with internal alterations
Location: Cedar House, 195, ALTON STREET, CREWE, CW2 7PU
  Whilst the committee does not object in principle to the proposals it is advised that, should planning consent be give, there will be such enforceable conditions, for the protection of the amenity of neighbouring properties, to ensure there is not fundamental subdivision of the property, such that it remains substantively a single dwelling with no aspects otherwise sub let or commercially available for rent.

Application No: 22/4693N
 Proposal: Roof extension to add one additional floor, new roof, reclad building and change of use to residential.
 Location: 30, HIGH STREET, CREWE

RESOLVED: That the committee sustains its objection to the proposals on the following grounds:

i.                    Over development of the site, demonstrated by Apt 3, 4 & 5 – not meeting technical minimum housing standard (showing gross internal area of 38m2, not 50m2 as is required)

ii.                   Over development of the site, demonstrated by Apt 2 – not meeting technical minimum housing standard (showing gross internal area of 37m2, not 50m2 as is required)

iii.                 Lack of external amenity space for residents and ground and first floor levels

iv.                 Lack of sustainable energy production (eg solar electricity generation)

v.                   Lack of net biodiversity gain

vi.                 Lack of parking, which is against CEC planning policy

Application No: 23/3764N
Proposal: Proposed garage conversion

No comments

Application No: 23/3542N
Proposal: Certificate of lawful proposed use/ dev
Location: 73 , Bedford Street, Crewe, Cheshire East, CW2 6JB

RESOLVED: That the committee objects to the proposals on the following grounds

i.                    Overdevelopment of the site as the proposed units do not meet technical housing standards (all units gross internal areas of below 20m2, with the minimum technical housing standard being 36m2)

ii.                   The proposed office building would potentially be used as additional overnight accommodation and would be unsuitable and have negative impact on neighbouring properties’ amenity

iii.                 The area is subject to an Article 4 directive to reduce the impact of HMOs on the neighbourhood and the proposed development would not be in line with the intent of the Article 4 directive

iv.                 No provision shown for sustainable waste storage

v.                   No provision shown for secure cycle storage

Application No: 23/3725N
Proposal: Use of existing building (Class E) as a Restaurant/ Coffee Shop (Class E), and Roof Extension with Pergola
Location: 14, QUEENSWAY, CREWE, CW1 2HQ
  The committee welcomes the proposal
PL/23/5/6 To consider making responses to any urgent planning application consultations that  have arisen since this agenda was published

Application No: 23/3773N
Proposal: Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a 51 no. apartment retirement living development (Use Class C3), landscaping, car parking and all associated works.
Location: Crosville Social And Workingmens Club, CHESTER STREET, CREWE, CW1 2LB

The committee supports the principle of development but seeks the following aspects are highlighted as potential reasons for objection to the current proposals

i.                    Lack of designated cycle parking and the potential for the provision of a bike shelter or shed

ii.                   Review of the calculations used for parking provision to ensure it is adequate, including the provision of disabled parking spaces

iii.                 Finessing of the aesthetic of the elevations with the aim of providing some representation to reflect the heritage setting

iv.                 Consideration of financial contribution to facilitate the appropriate repairs of the railway cottages site boundary wall, adjoining the development site.

Application No: 23/3287N
Proposal: Variation of conditions on existing permission 20/1988N; Erect a single-storey fast food drive-thru building and other associated works, including internally illuminated advertisements,
Location: Mcdonalds Restaurants Limited, WEST STREET, CREWE, CW1 2NH

No comments

Application No: 23/3824N
Proposal: Demolition of existing garage and creating of a new build 7 room HMO

RESOLVED: That the committee objects to the proposals on the following grounds:

i.                    The provision of an Article 4 directive for demonstrates the negative impact of the provision of HMOs as an unsustainable accommodation style

ii.                   The proposals represent overdevelopment of the site, indicating that the potential occupancy could reasonably be expected to be around 14 individuals

iii.                 That the proposals will adversely impact on the amenity of neighbouring properties due to noise and disturbance

iv.                 That the proposals do not meet planning policy in terms of lack of off street parking provision

v.                   The provision of this style of accommodation in this setting is out of keeping with the traditional residential nature of the area.

PL/23/5/7 To note responses submitted under delegation since the previous meeting
PL/23/5/8 To note and/or consider correspondence, consultations, planning policy circulated by the planning authority (Cheshire East Council) and member items
  8.1 Cheshire East Parking Charges consultation

1.      Bus Station/Queensway Car park – the new car park at the bus station is not listed and as such it is unclear if that will be given a sustainable parking charge structure

2.      Sandbach large common has not been listed, so therefore will remain free to use. Additionally, Sandbach car parks are not being set levies at the higher rate as seen in other towns, including Crewe

3.      Crewe is the most economically and socially deprived town in the borough and as such consideration should be given to the accessibility of fees. A linear approach does not recognise the impact of inequalities on the town and will have a disproportionate negative impact on residents of Crewe in favour of more advantaged areas of the borough

4.      Parking charges that are perceived as a barrier to access/use will negatively impact on the value of regenerative projects being delivered by CEC and as such undermine the potential value of regeneration in Crewe.

5.      Sandbach centrally-located car parks (Brookhouse Road, Chapel Street & Westfields) priced lower than Crewe centrally-located car parks, therefore not demonstrating parity and further disadvantaging communities with the highest level of deprivation in the borough.

8.2 Proposed change to Foot Path (FP32)

No comments

[Agenda Items 8.3 and 8.4 were heard directly after agenda Item 4.Members received the presentation]

8.3 Consultation presentation relating to proposed development at 332 West Street

and sought clarification on the following areas:

Waste storage and management

Lack of parking provision

Boundary treatments (to the benefit of wildlife)

Solar panels/sustainable energy production

Fire safety

8.4 Consultation presentation relating to proposed development at Chester Street

Members received the presentation and sought clarification on the following areas:

Members considered the application under agenda Item 6

8.5 Correspondence received regarding street name suggestions

The correspondence was noted and the street naming suggestions will be retained for consideration when future street naming consultations are received.

PL/23/5/9 Completion of works at Lyceum Square

It was noted that works were nearing completion and materials were awaited for the remaining aspects of work. An observation was raised regarding the junction of Hill Street and Heath Street at Lyceum Square

PL/23/5/10 To note correspondence associated with planning enforcement

10.1 23/00190E, 43A High Street


PL/23/5/11 To note the proposed date of the next meeting 20th November at 6pm.


Meeting closed at 8pm

Chair Cllr John Rhodes

Clerk P Turner

Meeting documents

Planning agenda pack 161023

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