Business Improvement District (BID)

Crewe Town Council is working with the business community to develop plans for a Business Improvement District (BID) for Crewe. The Crewe BID project has been meeting and working with companies to understand the current issues and opportunities for Crewe Town Centre and the surrounding business districts (for example, Grand Junction and Nantwich Road).

Groundwork has been appointed to work with companies to develop proposals for a BID for Crewe town centre. If approved by businesses, a BID could generate more than £1 million of private sector-led investment to support enhancements and improvements to Crewe town centre and surrounding business districts leading up to and including Nantwich Road. A BID steering group has been formed, which includes a range of business representatives and stakeholders.

The results from the BID feasibility study completed in 2021 have been presented, along with insights into how BIDs operate in other areas of the country and the business benefits that result from having a BID in a town such as Crewe. A range of projects and services have been identified that businesses believe would benefit the proposed BID area.

Groundwork is currently developing a draft plan for a BID, which it is expected to share in April 2023 for consultation with businesses and stakeholders. To see the latest BID update newsletter click here.

To see an example of a nearby BID visit the Northwich BID website here or the consumer focused website for Northwich which was developed and now managed by the Northwich BID.

For further information about the Crewe BID development project email

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