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If you talk about Crewe, the chances are someone will mention the railway.  Before it arrived in 1837, Monks Coppenhall was a small village with under 200 people.  Just over 30 years later, there were 40,000 people living and working in the area, now known as Crewe.  The railway companies provided a church, school, park and public baths as well as creating housing for railway workers. You can explore what life was like in Crewe in the past through our Heritage Resources.

Today, Crewe is still proud of its railway heritage alongside the other stories from its past.  We are working with the people of Crewe to tell these stories.  Together we will unearth tales of sporting world champions, decorative doorways, ice cream vans and how a crater on Mars came to be named after the town.

If you want to know more, download a copy of our A Heritage Strategy for Crewe.  You can also contact the Crewe Town Council Heritage Manager via [email protected].

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Crewe Works 180 Exhibition (Summer 2023)

2023 saw the 180th anniversary of the Grand Junction Railway Engineering Works moving from Edge Hill to Crewe. To mark this historic event, Crewe Town Council created an exhibition at Crewe Heritage Centre which ran throughout Summer 2023. Click here for more details:

Crewe Heritage Open Days events

Heritage Open Days is an annual event where you can explore Crewe’s heritage for FREE! The festival takes place in September each year. The event in 2024 will run between 6th and 15th September!

See what happened at Crewe Heritage Open Day event in 2023:

Crewe Works 1931 Nantwich Rd 1 The Square
McLean Collection of Crewe & District Local History Association
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