Public Realm

‘Public Realm’ is the name we give to public spaces where people meet, spend time in or travel through. These spaces can be town squares, parks, streets and open spaces.

The public spaces in Crewe do not belong to the Town Council, however, we do support improvements that could make a difference to the local environment.

For example, Crewe Town Council funds:

  • Floral displays
  • Replacement, repair and re-painting of street furniture (such as benches and bollards)
  • Graffiti removal
  • Re-painting street name signs
  • Removal of weeds and tidying overgrown spaces
  • The Crewe Town Ranger service


We are currently committed to investing in new play equipment for parks in Crewe which do not receive funding from other schemes. Lansdowne Road Park was the first to benefit from £100,000 of grant funding and other parks are currently being considered for future phases.

Public realm improvements and budgets are managed by the Operations and Improvements Committee.

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