Crewe Town Rangers: Report an Issue

Spotted a problem?

The Crewe Town Ranger service tackles public realm maintenance issues in Crewe where a quick response is needed. The service is funded by Crewe Town Council and provides a local response to Crewe Town issues which might not otherwise be attended to, or would not usually be dealt with. The Rangers work hard to make our community and general environment a more positive place to live in!

The Rangers deal with the following:

  • Supporting community clean ups
  • Litter-picking
  • Fly tipping (in certain circumstances)
  • Repairs
  • Graffiti removal
  • Painting of street furniture and signs
  • Cutting back of overgrown trees, hedges and shrubs
  • Enhancing green spaces
  • Town centre planting schemes
  • Weed removal

To report a problem, please complete this webform. Remember to include street names, postcode (if you have it) and an outline of the issue.

However, if you have spotted a problem with any of the below issues, these are not within the remit of Crewe Town Council. Please click on the relevant link to notify Cheshire East Council that there is a problem:

Road Damage or Road Safety Issues (including potholes)

Street Lighting Issues

Street Cleansing Issues


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