Tree of Light Service

Crewe Tree of Light Ceremony 2021

The annual Tree of Light Ceremony took place at Crewe Cemetery on Friday 3rd December 2021, 5.30pm.


join us to remember your loved one


Dedicate your stars

Crewe residents were invited to dedicate a star in memory of a loved one(s). All stars remained in place on the Tree of Light in Crewe Cemetery over the Christmas period.

Thank you to the following venues for acting as collection/drop-off points for the stars:

  • Bru Café – CW1 2BZ
  • Crewe Cemetery – CW1 3JG
  • Crewe Library – CW1 2BB
  • Crewe Town Council - CW1 2DL
  • Haven Café on North Street – CW1 4NJ
  • The Lighthouse Centre – CW2 8LX
  • Wishing Well - CW1 2QA
  • West Christian Fellowship (Maybury Centre) - CW1 3HE







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