Full Council Committee Meeting

 MINUTES of the meeting held 13th June 2023

In attendance:

Cllr Clair Chapman

Cllr Dawn Clark

Cllr Alan Coiley

Cllr Sally Graham

Cllr Steve Hogben

Cllr Toni Mortimer

Cllr Kev Murray

Cllr James Pratt

Cllr Jill Rhodes

Cllr John Rhodes

Cllr Ben Wye

Cllr Dennis Straine-Francis

Cllr Dennis Straine-Francis opened the meeting by welcoming the councillors and providing an update on recent mayoral engagements.


FC/23/2/1 To receive apologies for absence  
  Cllrs Bratherton, Edwards, Faseyi, L Hogben, Houston, Mackay, Messent and Yates  
FC/23/2/2    To note declarations of Members’ interests  
  Cllr Murray declared a non-pecuniary interest in Agenda Item 5a  
FC/23/2/3 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Crewe Town Council Meeting held on 16th May 2023  
  RESOLVED: That the minutes are approved as a true record of the meeting.  
FC/23/2/4 Public Participation  
  A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments in relation to the published agenda items.


FC/23/2/5. To receive updates from Committee Chairs in relation to meetings held since the Crewe Town Council meeting on 16th May 2023:-


a.      Committee: Finance and Governance


i.                    That the amended Standing Orders are approved

ii.                   That the new Banners Policy is adopted

iii.                 That support for the Crewe Heritage Centre and associated operational council structure is approved


b.      Committee: Operations and Improvement

Chair: TBC

Meetings held: None

Items for consideration:



c.       Committee: Marketing and Events

Chair: TBC

Meetings held: None

Items for consideration:



d.      Committee: Planning

Chair: Councillor John Rhodes

Meetings held: 22nd may 2023 (draft minutes attached)

Items for consideration:



e.      Committee: Community Plan

Chair: TBC

Meetings held: 6th June 2023 (draft minutes attached)

Items for consideration:



f.     Committee: Personnel

Chair: Councillor Jill Rhodes

Meetings held: None

Items for consideration:


FC/23/2/6. To note any updates from members having attended external meetings

Cllr Wye thanked all those who attended and helped with the family bike ride on Sunday. It was a great success and enjoyed by all

Cllr Jill Rhodes provided an update on the work of the Town Board, including progress towards completion of the LY2 project and the proposal of the SCCC for a Marketing Crewe company.

FC/23/2/7. To note, consider and approve payments as recommended by the Finance & Governance Committee (None – standing item)
FC/23/2/8. To note the conclusion of the Knife Angel installation in Crewe
FC/23/2/9. Crewe Town Council Corporate Strategy

Noted that a new draft strategy would be developed and shared with members prior to further consideration.


To note the date of the next meeting of Council – 26th September 2023 at 6pm



Meeting closed at 6.20pm

Chair   Cllr Dennis Straine-Francis

Clerk    P Turner

Meeting documents

Full Council meeting agenda pack 130623

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