Planning Committee

Minutes of the meeting of the Planning Committee 23/02/21

In attendance: Cllr Lena Hogben, Cllr John Rhodes, Cllr Dennis Straine-Francis, Cllr Janos Toth, Cllr Marilyn Houston and Cllr Tom Dunlop

PL20/8/1. To receive apologies for absence.

Cllrs Palin, Proffit and Angier

PL20/8/2. To note declarations of Members’ interests.


PL20/8/3. Public Participation

A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments.


PL20/8/4 To confirm and sign the Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 19th January 2021

RESOLVED: The minutes are approved s a true record of the meeting

PL20/8/5 To consider making a response to the following planning applications:

Application No: 20/3976N
Proposal: Proposed two storey rear extension

The committee sought reiterate the already submitted concerns relating to the proposed plans

Application No: 21/0156N
Proposal: Proposed new dwelling and revised access road to create singular access to previously approved planning applications reference 18/0690N AND 18/5442N.

RESOLVED: That the committee objects to the proposal on the following issues:
i. Proximity of the site access/egress to the existing roundabout on Maw Green Rd and the concerns relating to highways safety as traffic joins and leaves the existing highway
ii. The proposal constitutes over development of the site
iii. The site does not allow for adequate turning circle of vehicles on the site, such as delivery or trailer.

Application No:
Proposal: Demolition of the former public house

No Objection

Application No: 21/0351N
Proposal: Advertisement consent for provision of new internally illuminated corporate branded fascia signage to Unit 12D
Location: Former Frankie & Bennys Unit, 12D, GRAND JUNCTION WAY, CREWE, CW1 2RP

No Objection

Application No: 21/0412N
Proposal: Change of use to the upper floors, with some alterations & extensions to the rear
Location: 13-15, NANTWICH ROAD, CREWE, CW2 6AF

RESOLVED: The committee objects to the proposal on the following issues:
i. Over-development of the defined site
ii. Safety fear relating to emergency egress and access (particularly upper floors)
iii. Access to waste bin storage and adequate storage space
iv. Loss of amenity for neighbouring residences due to increased on street waste and noise
v. The proposal does not meet with the emerging Cheshire East Council Article 4 Directive and associated policies
vi. Inadequate and poor access to cycle storage
vii. Access for the proposed development’s residents is unclear on the submitted plans

Application No: 21/0440N
Proposal: Prior approval of a telecommunications mast
Location: Edleston Road SF, Edleston Road, Crewe, CW2 7EF

RESOLVED: The committee objects in the strongest terms to the proposal on the following issues:
i. Scale – the proposed height of the proposal is 3 times the height of the adjacent building and will have disproportionate adverse impact out of character with existing structures
ii. Public Realm Encroachment – the development proposal will encroach to a detrimental extent on the public realm, impacting on accessibility, vision splay and pedestrian safety
iii. Town Centre regeneration – the scheme is sited within an identified gateway environment for the town centre, which is subject to significant regenerational focus and the development will adversely impact on the public realm and active architecture projects subject to the town centre regeneration projects in that area
iv. Active travel – the development proposals is of such a scale as to discourage active travel along this pavement
v. Inappropriate siting – there are sites close to the proposed site that would better suit a development of this scale (for example Oak Street Car Park and adjoining land)
vi. Loss of amenity for the neighbouring residential properties.

Application No: 21/0623N
Proposal: Advertisement consent for 5no various illuminated and non illuminated signage.
Location: Land At Mill Street And, LOCKITT STREET, CREWE

No objection

Application No: 21/0668N
Proposal: Demolition of existing garage and construction of new garage.
Location: 317, NANTWICH ROAD, CREWE, CW2 6PE

No objection

Application No: 21/0631N
Proposal: Change of use from HMO to Residential Care Childrens Home
Location: 49, Delamere Street, Crewe, CW1 2JX

RESOLVED: That the committee expresses support for the provision of quality and appropriate supported accommodation for children from challenging social settings, but seeks that any associated approval for the proposal ensures such conditions that mitigate the known localised Anti Social Behaviour issues; that residents of that area are not adversely affected and any concerns raised by residents are addressed.

Application No: 21/0399N
Proposal: Outline Application for proposed development of three detached houses to replace four detached houses with communal access approved under planning permission 12/0831N (re submission of 20/3233N).
Location: Land South and North of, Maw Green Road, Crewe

RESOLVED: That the committee objects to the proposed development on the previously submitted issues associated with the prior withdrawn application, 20/3233N, being that there are no clearly identifiable amendments to the plans that would mitigate the identified concerns and issues.

PL20/8/6. To consider making responses to any urgent planning application consultations that have arisen since this agenda was published.

Application No: 21/0912N
Proposal: Proposed rear extension and conversion of garage to utility & bedroom
Location: 4 , Morgan Close, Crewe, CW2 7UJ

No objection

Application No: 21/0871N
Proposal: Single story side extension to replace existing out buildings Introduce Garage/store to front elevation, double bedroom with ensuite and utility area

No Objection

Application No: 21/0704N
Proposal: Proposed second floor rear dormer extension & roof lights to front elevation
Location: Middlewich Dental Practice, 50-52, MIDDLEWICH STREET, CREWE, CHESHIRE, CW1 4DA

No Objection

Application No: 21/0391N
Proposal: Replacement Single Storey Rear Extension on Existing Footprint

No objection

Application No: 21/0778N
Proposal: Construction of a brick/block walled, single story lean to single garage with tiled pitched roof. Total area of proposed side extension is 27.5m²

No objections.

Application No: 21/0804N
Proposal: Change of Use from ground floor bar to residential
Location: The Blind Beggar, 1, PEDLEY STREET, CREWE, CW2 7AA

RESOLVED: That the committee objects to the application on the following issues:
i. That the development constitutes an HMO in practice and as such does not meet with the emerging Cheshire East Council Article 4 Directive and associated policies – this committee strongly objects to the proliferation of HMOs in Crewe.
ii. The proposal does not take in to account the need for waste bin storage for the existing upstairs units, therefore inadequate bin storage is provided for in the proposals.
iii. There is no amenity area for the multiple residences existing and proposed
iv. Comments submitted to the planning authority from residents should be considered and applied.
v. Inadequate provision of secure bicycle storage
vi. provision for a communal brown bin (green waste) should be enforced
vii. Overdevelopment of the demised premises – inadequate living accommodation within the submitted plans.
viii. Loss of amenity for existing residents due to the inadequate bin storage leading to increased on street waste, pests and noise

Application No: 21/0835N
Proposal: Advertisement consent for no.1 totem sign.
Location: Land At Mill Street And, LOCKITT STREET, CREWE

No Objection

Application No: 21/0727N
Proposal: Division of retail unit into 2 retail units and alterations to external appearance
Location: 146-150, MILL STREET, CREWE, CW2 7AX

No Objection

Application No: 21/0774N
Proposal: Advertisement consent for no.1 illuminated hoarding.

No objection is submitted, but the committee seeks that consideration is given for residential amenity and highways safety in terms of potential timer to turn the illumination off after 2am and for dimming of the lights after dark

PL20/8/7. To note responses submitted under delegation since the previous meeting


PL20/8/8. To note correspondence relating to the committee
Notice of consultations:
8.1 Consultation under clause 60 of the High Speed Rail (West Midlands – Crewe) Bill as amended in the House of Lords
RESOLVED: That the Clerk is delegated to respond, taking in to account the draft submission from the principal authority.

8.2 Cheshire East Active Travel Fund – Tranche 2 Scheme Proposals

The proposals were broadly welcomed with no preference submitted to the consultation

8.3 Cheshire East Contaminated Land Strategy Consultation

The consultation was noted

8.4 NALC Policy Consultation E-Briefing EPC2-21 – Model Design Code and Funding Bulletin

The consultation was noted and potential greater local influence over design guidance and principles was welcomed.

9. To note the date of the next meeting 23rd March 2021

Meeting closed at 8.36pm

Chair Cllr John Rhodes
Clerk P Turner

Meeting documents

A8 Planning Minutes - 23rd February 2021

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