Allotment Update (12th June)

The Town Council has today issued invoices to the occupiers of allotment plots at Ford Lane, Walker Street and Hulme Street. The invoices have been given to site representatives for distribution and the Council sincerely hopes that good sense is shown and that the invoices will be distributed to those people who need to make a choice whether to pay for the plot(s) they are using or to take a conscious and informed decision not to pay.

Annual rents became due on the 1st April. Notices were posted on 4th June at all sites allowing a further 28 day window for plot holders to pay their annual rent. Unfortunately these notices were quickly taken down and the Council is concerned that the plot holders who need to receive their invoice may well be unaware of the situation. We would appeal to anyone who has a plot on any of the sites to secure a copy of the invoice from the site warden or if that is not possible to contact the Council for a copy of the invoice.

A sample invoice is attached and plot holders are invited to download and edit the invoice before returning it to the Town Council with the payment. The only information required is the plot holders details, the name of the site concerned and the plot number(s). Once the 28 day period has expired it is likely that those individuals that have made the appropriate payment will be invited to attend a meeting with the Town Council. As indicated the Council has stated that it reserves the right to consider plots that have not been claimed and paid for as voluntarily vacated.

Please see also the allotment news from 5th June.

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