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The Town Council continues to build on its relationship with the Crewe Town Allotment Federation and is pleased to see the sites under its wings go from strength to strength due to the hard work of the individual Associations coupled with the capital investments from the Town Council.

The Council is mindful that money has been allocated to carryout work at the three other sites in the Town and is keen to work via the Federation with the three sites concerned to deploy the money in the most effective way possible.

The Council accepts that many plot holders at the three sites have not yet been able to pay their rent for the current year. There is a need for the Council to speak with as many of the plot holders at the three sites as possible.  Unfortunately details of the current plot holders has not been made available to the Town Council.  The Council holds details of the other plot holders in the town.

There is genuine desire on part of the Council to resolve matters with the three sites in the most amicable way possible.  The first hurdle is to ask plot holders at the three sites who wish to continue to use their plot(s) to contact the Town Council to discuss any concerns and to afford them the opportunity to pay for the service they are receiving. They are then free to determine if they wish to continue to cultivate their plot(s).

Cllr Suzanne Brookfield (Lead Member for Allotments) said ‘The Council wishes to work with all allotment sites in the town and see  positive work to date over all 11 sites continue.  There is no doubt that Allotments offer something positive to the local community.  The Council is keen to speak with plot holders but unfortunately we have not been given the details.  Having been a “grower” in the past I accept it is a busy time in the season but would politely request that if you do occupy an allotment at the sites in question you contact us. It is unfortunate that previous attempts to make contact have been unsuccessful and sometimes distressing due to use of historic data. Notices once more will be put on the entrances / noticeboards etc. indicating how plot holders can secure and pay for their plot  We hope to hear from plot holders.  We would stress that all information given will be treated in strictest confidence and that the Council conforms with the requirements of the data protection regulations”.

1. Henry St Site Board

‘Without exception plot holders I have spoken to are 100% behind the Federation and Crewe Town Council. The system works well, we have liaison with key personnel at Crewe Town Council and thanks to their efforts we have all enjoyed the benefits as members of the Federation’ Secretary Henry Street Allotment association.

Notice 4-6-15

Copy of site notice – Ford Lane

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