Request for Quotation: Freelance Youth Creative Producer

Closing Date: Wednesday 20th March

Crewe Town Council are seeking a freelance Youth Creative Producer to work with young people aged 16 – 24 to deliver a music event that offers opportunities to young people living, learning or working in Crewe. You will have excellent understanding and knowledge of youth engagement, industry best practices, health and safety and safeguarding young people. You will be used to evaluating and reporting as you go along and will be familiar with stakeholder and partner liaison. You will have experience in working on similar projects. Knowledge of the music industry including some technical knowledge would be beneficial.

Value Up to £6,000 (based on an average of 15hrs a week across the project)
Timescales Initiation meeting week commencing 1st April 2024
Contract Completion 30th August 2024
Locations Remote planning and development with regular onsite workshops and event production in Crewe

Find out more here: Freelance Youth Creative Producer

Please email any questions to [email protected]

Please submit your quote along with your CV to [email protected]

Your quotation must be returned no later than 12:00pm on 20th march 2024.

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