Crewe Rangers

The Crewe Town Ranger service tackles urgent issues in Crewe where a quick response is required. The Rangers work hard to make our community and general environment a more positive place to live in!

The Rangers deal with the following:

  • Clean ups
  • Litter-picking
  • Fly tipping (in certain circumstances)
  • Repairs
  • Graffiti removal
  • Street sign painting
  • Cutting back of overgrown trees, hedges and shrubs
  • Planting of shrubs in the town centre
  • Weed removal

This infographic gives an overview of the jobs undertaken by the Town Ranger Service between January and March 2022:

Rangers Infographic Jan to March 2022

If you want to report an issue, log the information on our short webform here.

If we can deal with it we will – but we also report problems which are outside our ability to repair such as problems on highways. 

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Rangers Memorial Square bus stop damage Memorial Square bus stop after Unsafe walking area before Unsafe walking area after
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