Message from the Mayor of Crewe

It seems an understatement to say that these are ‘unprecedented times’. We are all worried, both for ourselves, and our loved ones. Any, and all advice, seems deeply confusing and distressing at times.

However, what is reassuring is the wonderful response which comes from our community. Although I will not hark back to the events of last summer, we are proving once again how much we have grown as a community in times of struggle, and the signs of social conscience on display will be a great source of comfort to us all.

I urge everyone to spare a thought for those in our community who are more socially isolated than ourselves and the resources that they need to keep them safe and well.

By all means, purchase more than you need when you go to the shops…. But spare a thought for the elderly and vulnerable…. Spare a thought for our homeless…. spare a thought for foodbanks and social supermarkets who daily offer support to many struggling families who already live week to week…. Think of those who may soon, or already, be out of work…. Spare a thought for those who are currently experiencing a profound sense of grief at the loss of loved ones, and whose first priority will not be shopping.

I also urge everyone to consider the stresses and strains of accessing an already embattled health service, as much as that might be prudent to think of, but medical professionals are on the frontline, which also puts them and their families at an increased risk of exposure.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all but we are a community and we are all here for each other.

Our offices are currently closed to protect our Officers, visitors and their families but if there is any support that people feel we can offer then please contact us using any of the following methods:-

Tel: 01270 756975


[email protected] or [email protected]

I want to wish you all the best health and happiness during this very challenging time.

Councillor Benn Minshall
Mayor of Crewe

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