Latest Allotment Update

Thanks to Nathan Sandu for his recent excellent coverage of the leasing of the allotments in Crewe. Thanks also to all those who have expressed support for the Crewe Town Allotment Federation and the Town Council.

Grab a copy of the Chronicle for this week’s news and articles, but for those with a detailed interest in the allotments take a look at the articles attached.

Article 1: Allotments sub-lease for

Article 2: Allotments sub-lease report

Allotment holders at Ford Lane, Hulme Street and Walker Street sites are invited to contact the Town Council and speak to the Clerk for further information on allotments in Crewe. Plot holders at these sites who  have an interest in any of the plots are asked to register their interest so that the Council can send them further information. Call 01270 756975 

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