Planning Committee


In attendance:              Cllr John Rhodes           Cllr Tom Dunlop Cllr Dennis Straine-Francis

Cllr Ben Wye                  Cllr Lena Hogben             Cllr Marilyn Houston

Cllr Gary Palin

1. To receive apologies for absence.

Cllr Emma Angier

Cllr Hazel Faddes

2. To note declarations of Members’ interests.


3 Public Participation


4                 To receive the minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting that took place on  Tuesday 15th November 2021

RESOLVED: That the minutes are accepted as a true record of the meeting

  1. To consider making a response to the following planning applications:
Application No: 21/6462N
Proposal: Proposed single storey rear extension for kitchen and utility area

No objection

Application No: 21/6309N
Proposal: Variation to condition 2 for revised drawings to include rear orangeries to house type 1359 and house type 1002 on existing permission 18/0690N; ERECTION OF 8 No. DWELLINGS, VEHICULAR ACCESS, ASSOCIATED CAR PARKING AND LANDSCAPING
Location: Land To The South Of, MAW GREEN ROAD, CREWE

No Objection

Application No: 21/6317N
Proposal: Application for external alterations to facilitate subdivision into two units for continued use within Class E.
Location: Bella Italia, 12F, GRAND JUNCTION WAY, CREWE, CW1 2RP

RESOLVED: That this committee objects to the proposal for the following reasons:

i. That subdivision of the units will lead to unsustainable competition with town centre units, impacting negatively on the future of the town centre and local authority regeneration efforts

ii. The consent for the units previously contained such planning conditions to reduce the negative impact on the town centre. These conditions should be maintained and enforced

iii. The proposal is contrary to planning policies S1 and S10

iv. If planning consent is given, then such conditions should be in place to ensure the units cannot be used for retail purposes that would be detrimental to the future viability of the town centre

Application No: 21/6390N
Proposal: Proposed Rear Extension

No objection

Application No: 21/6203N
Proposal: Proposed 5G telecoms installation

No objection

Application No: 21/6304N
Proposal: Proposed single storey extension to provide additional WC’s
Location: Monks Coppenhall Academy, REMER STREET, CREWE, CHESHIRE, CW1 4LY

The committee had no objection and welcomed the investment in school infrastructure.

Application No: 21/6231N
Proposal: New storeroom

RESOLVED: That the committee objects to the application for the following reasons

i. The proposals provide no positive improvements to the streetscene and local environment. It should be an expectation that development adds value to the community

ii. Lack of details relating to the finishing materials and concern that the finishing materials will have a negative impact on the streetscene on an already distracting and inconsistent premises/group of buildings.

iii. Ongoing concerns relating to the associated business waste, which is regularly stored outside on the public highway/pavement, which causes an obstruction to the highway.

iv. The proposed 1st floor door cannot be used as a fire escape and there is concern that the use of the door may lead to further problems on the pavement directly below

Application No: 21/6299N
Proposal: Single storey extension(s) to side and rear and workshop/shed/hobby room to rear garden area(s)
Location: 3 , Birch Close, Crewe, CW1 5LQ

Although the committee does not object to the proposals, it seeks that enforceable conditions are placed on any associated planning consent that seek to ensure:

i. That the proposed new shed building cannot be used for overnight accommodation

ii. That the proposed new shed building cannot be subdivided or used for any other purpose other than the ancillary enjoyment of the primary dwelling

iii. That the proposed new shed cannot receive/install water and drainage

iv. That the proposed new shed cannot be used for commercial purposes, sub let or otherwise subdivided from the primary residence.

Application No: 21/6239N
Proposal: Listed Building Consent for External and Internal Works, Alterations and Repairs
Location: Territorial Army Centre, MYRTLE STREET, CREWE, CW2 7HY

No objection

Application No: 21/6238N
Proposal: Externally Replace existing asbestos roof with a new insulated roof of similar appearance. Repair and restore elevational features. Insert a new door opening in west (side) elevation. Internally. Insert a glazed screen and access doors inside the existing main entrance door opening. Insert a steel mezzanine (partial) first floor and access stair. Insert a new kitchen fit-out and disabled WC fit-out.
Location: Territorial Army Centre, MYRTLE STREET, CREWE, CW2 7HY


The committee has no objection and welcomes the investment in the site ,particularly for the purposes of providing support for armed forces service people, but seeks that the develop considers the following provisions:

i. Consideration for parking. Noting locally that there is considerable on street parking, consideration for parking for the development’s associated staff, residents and visitors wherever possible.


  1. To consider making responses to any urgent planning application consultations that have arisen since this agenda was published.
Application No: 22/0119N
Proposal: Advertisement consent for the installation of a digital advertising display.

RESOLVED: That this committee objects to the application for the following reasons:

i. The proposals will create a significant distraction at a vey busy road junction

ii. As a gateway location to the town, this would not add any value to the streetscene and all developments should seek to improve the appearance of the town rather than detract from it.

iii. The junction has previously been considered too dangerous for organised walking busses for children and as such should not be considered for such a distraction

iv. There is concern the nature of the display would potentially be a trigger for those living with visually activated conditions (eg vertigo, specific forms of epilepsy)

Application No: 22/0044N
Proposal: Removal of condition 13 (sustainable / energy saving features) on application 09/2329N – Erection of a Replacement Foodstore (A1 retail) with Ancillary Cafe, Associated Parking, Highway Works and Landscaping
Location: Tesco Extra, VERNON WAY, CREWE, CHESHIRE, CW1 2DD

RESOLVED: That the committee objects to the application for the following reasons:

i. That the provision for producing sustainable electricity/power on the site remains valid

ii. That the applicants other works away from the application site and town bear no relevance to the need to demonstrate sustainability for all new developments

iii. The removal of such a condition would represent a dangerous precedent which would not reflect the importance of recognising the need for investment in sustainable development, contrary to the climate emergency formally recognised by Cheshire East Council

Application No: 21/6385N
Proposal: Construction of 119 affordable homes with new access from Broughton Road and ancillary open space.
Location: Land East Of Broughton Road And North Of, BIDVALE WAY, CREWE

The committee recognises that the application is for LPS 11in the CEC Local Plan, accepting that the site is identified for housing development. Additionally, it was commented that the site layout and proposals, in principle, represented a positive intent to provide affordable housing in an attractive setting. However, the committee identified some issues that were not acceptable. Disappointment was expressed at the lack of consultation prior to submitting the application with the local council by the developer and that the planning authority had not directed the developer to consider pre application consultation or provided a more significant time for consideration of this complex application during consultation.

             RESOLVED: That the committee objects to the application for the following reasons:

i. The application does not provide for any sustainable energy generation. It is noted that many, if not all, of the pitched rooves of the houses would be suitable for PV installations (Solar power generation), making a significant contribution to reduce the development’s carbon footprint and to make the cost of living in the houses more sustainable for the future residents.

ii. The play area is not adequate for the development. It should be considered how the future green spaces will be maintained and managed; by who and that the play area should be considerably larger to accommodate potentially high proportion of young families in the proposed homes.

iii. The development does not demonstrate net biodiversity gain. The derisory installation of a small number of bird boxes does not meet the requirements of the relevant CEC planning policy. More nesting sites should be included (including for swifts/swallows/house martins), invertebrate habitats and areas for small mammals and amphibians.

iv. Boundary treatments should be permeable to wildlife, such as hedgehogs.

v. All existing hedges should be retained.

vi. The SUDS documentation does not identify proactive actions to ensure sustainable drainage in its conclusions and this does not meet the needs of ensuring reduced risk of flooding due to the development.

Application No: 22/0024N
Proposal: Proposed ground floor extension on rear of house

No objection

  1. To note responses submitted under delegation since the previous meeting
Application No: 21/6208N
Proposal: Retrospective application for change of use from C3 to C4, 5 Bed, 5 person HMO with internal alterations

The Council objects to this proposal on the following grounds

  1. The proposal is contrary to the emerging Article 4 Directive from Cheshire East as the Planning Authority, which recognises the negative impacts of such development s on local neighbourhoods, amenity and sustainability.
  2. Inadequate waste storage that will lead to on street waste and further exacerbation of localised anti social issues
  3. Inadequate parking, leading to on street parking issues
  4. Loss of amenity for existing residents with the density of occupation within the proposal leading to noise and disturbance
  5. Provision of low quality living accommodation does not meet the expectations of social sustainability
  6. Bedroom sizes indicated are smaller than recommended by regulation for 4 of the 5 rooms
  7. Inadequate bike storage.
Application No: 21/6232N
Proposal: New 3 sided roller shutters to shop front, incorporating a covered roof
Location: 191, WEST STREET, CREWE, CW1 3HR

The Council objects to the proposal as it builds forward of the development line in to the public realm. In doing so it will adversely affect the visual amenity of the area and provide an incongruous building frontage that cannot be read in context of the surrounding architecture.

Application No: 21/6142N
Proposal: Advertisement Consent for upgrade of an existing wall-mounted 48 sheet sized paper-and-paste display to a digital one

The Council objects to this proposal as the addition of an LED display on the side elevation of the property is considered to be inappropriate as it would be introduce an incongruous feature into the area to the detriment of visual amenity. It is acknowledged that the commercial properties nearby do display advertisements; however these are not illuminated and are appropriate to the businesses operating from the site, whereas the proposed LED display is not appropriate to be displayed on the side elevation of a building with architectural character.

Policy BE.19 of the adopted local plan requires that advertisements and signs should not have an adverse effect on the character of the streetscene or individual buildings, should not be displayed on gable ends or flank walls and should not use intermittent light sources. The proposal is clearly contrary to these requirements.

Application No: 21/5881N
Proposal: Resubmission of expired planning application- 14/4581N (Demolition of garages/outbuildings and the erection of 4 detached bungalows)

The council objects to the application on the following grounds

  1. Inadequate access. The drawings show a width of in excess of 4m width on the plans but this does not reflect the reasonable expectations of available width on site
  2. Proximity of access to existing bungalow
  3. Access should provide for 2 vehicles passing (guidance indicates 4.4m minimum), which is not possible on this site
  4. Concerns over waste management and collection. If to be collected from Sycamore Ave, the waste bins will cause an obstruction on the highway and may obstruct residential amenity. Distance to move waste bins to Sycamore Avenue may be considered unreasonable for many, particularly those with mobility issues.
  5. The plans do not show a vehicle sweep  that demonstrates safe access to the site for waste vehicles or emergency services
  6. The proposals represent back land development
Application No: 21/5885N
Proposal: Change of Use from dentists surgery to residential
Location: Highfields Dental Practice, 129, EDLESTON ROAD, CREWE, CW2 7HP

The council objects to the proposal on the following grounds

  1. Over development of the site
  2. Inadequate accommodation standards due to small scale rooms and over division of the building
  3. Fire safety concerns relating to the 2nd floor accommodation and means of safe escape
  4. Restricted height aspects shown in the existing layout drawings have not been addressed and will lead to inadequate accommodation standards
  5. Creation of a sandwich effect on the neighbouring property (131 Eddleston Road) which is contrary to the  Cheshire East emerging Article 4 directive
  6. Loss of amenity to existing residents due to noise, overcrowding, on street parking and waste management issues.
  7. We reflect and support the issues raised by residents who have submitted their objections
Application No: 21/5976D
Proposal: Discharge of conditions 8, 19, 21, 26, and 30 of app 14/0378N –  Outline planning application for B2 (general industry) and B8 (storage and distribution) comprising 1,042,500 sq ft with ancillary offices and maximum storey height of 18m, and associated works including construction of new spine road with access from Crewe Road and A500, creation of footpaths, drainage including formation of swales, foul pumping station, substation, earthworks to form landscaped bunds and landscaping.

No objection, but seek that the site demonstrates net biodiversity gain, as per CEC policy; that there is substantial tree planting on site; and that sustainable energy production is included on the site (eg solar) along with electric vehicle charging points

Application No: 21/4522N
Proposal: Listed building consent for removal and replacement of the existing painted timber sliding sash windows on the street elevation
Location: St Marys Presbytery, 13, GATEFIELD STREET, CREWE, CW1 2JP

We have concerns that the proposal is not in keeping with the heritage nature of the building and will have a negative impact on the site and aesthetic value of the heritage building

Application No: 21/5903N
Proposal: Two storey extension to side and single storey extension to rear of dwelling

That, although not objecting, we express concern that the proposal shows the extension will be build up to the boundary of the adjoining property

Application No: 21/5816N
Proposal: proposed single storey rear extension to form extra living accommodation

That the narrow high window on the side elevation immediately adjacent to the adjoining property boundary of the proposed designs is not required and that it should either be removed from the proposal or conditions such that obscured glass is used.

8. To note and/or consider correspondence, consultations, planning policy circulated by the planning authority (Cheshire East Council) and member items

8.1 Cheshire East Local Plan – Crewe Hub Area Action Plan withdrawal notice


8.2 Cheshire East Council Draft Speed Management Strategy – Public Consultation

The committee shall issue a statement, to be approved by the chair and Cllr Wye, to the effect that the council is in favour of 20mph zones in residential areas of the town, especially on new estates. This should be established as appoint of principle and policy and will provide measurable improvements for the lives of the residents living on those streets and estates.

9. To note the proposed date of the next meeting Monday 21st February 2022 at 6pm – location and format of the meeting to be confirmed subject to current Covid-19 guidance and restrictions

     Meeting closed at 7:22pm

Chair    Cllr John Rhodes

Clerk    P Turner

Meeting documents

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