Finance and Governance Committee

Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 27th April 2021

20/7/01 Present:-
Councillors Tess Buckley, Tom Dunlop, Jill Rhodes and John Rhodes

Apologies were received from Councillor Joe Cosby and Benn Minshall

20/7/02 To note declarations of members interests

No declarations of interests were received

20/7/03 Public Participation

No questions or comments were submitted to the Finance and Governance Committee

20/7/04 To confirm and sign the Minutes of the Finance and Governance Committee Meeting held on Thursday 25th February 2021

RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the meeting are approved

20/7/05 To approve and recommend to Council the Year End Audit Report for the financial year 2020 / 2021

The Year End Audit Report was not received prior to the start of the meeting

The Town Clerk advised that the report would be circulated to Members upon receipt and will be circulated to Members at the earliest opportunity and presented to Full Council on Tuesday 18th May 2021

20/7/06 To note the Internal Member Audit

The Internal Member Audit was noted

20/7/07 To review the following Governance Documents as part of the Annual Governance Review Process:-

• Financial Regulations
• Standing Orders
• Standing Orders for Contracts
• Procurement

RESOLVED: That the Governance Documents are approved and recommended to Council for adoption

20/7/08 To consider matters related to the revised Members Code of Conduct in line with the new Model produced by the Local Government Association (LGA)

RESOLVED: To recommend to Council that the new Members Code of Conduct is adopted

20/7/09 To consider matters related to items held in storage
(standing item until available to be addressed following removal of COVID-19 restrictions and guidance)

22/7/10 To consider the date of future meetings of the Finance and Governance Committee:-

• Tuesday 8th June 2021
• Tuesday 14th September 2021
• Tuesday 23rd November 2021
• Tuesday 1st March 2022
• Tuesday 26th April 2022

The meeting closed at 7.20pm

Chair Cllr Jill Rhodes
Clerk H Marr

Meeting documents

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