Community Plan


 MINUTES of the meeting held 23/01/2023

In attendance:   Cllr Alan Coiley              Cllr Dawn Clark               Cllr Tom Dunlop

Cllr Martin Edwards       Cllr Jill Rhodes               Cllr Lena Hogben

Cllr Hazel Faddes

CP/22/4/1 To receive apologies for absence
Cllr Benn Minshall; Cllr Ben Wye; Cllr Nan Walton; Cllr Tess Buckley; Cllr Dennis Straine-Francis
CP/22/4/2   To note declarations of Members’ interests


CP/22/4/3 To confirm and sign the Minutes of the Community Plan Committee meeting held on 14th November 2022

RESOLVED: That the minutes are approved as a true record of the meeting

CP/22/4/4 Public Participation
A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments.


CP/22/4/5 To review the year- to- date financial position for the Community Plan Committee.

The financial position year to date was noted

CP/22/4/6 To consider matters related to grant applications received from:

Organisation Purpose Amount
6.1 Wilson House Scouts Projector Project £1328.18
RESOLVED:  That a grant of £1,098 is approved, with the remainder to be secured by the applicant
6.2 Vesta SFS Friday Reset £2498
RESOLVED:  That the application is deferred until the committee can review the difference and added value of these proposals in comparison to details of other services delivering comparable projects in Crewe
6.3 Be Well, Stay Well CIC Be Well Stay Well £2400
RESOLVED:  That the grant is declined




To provide an end of grant update to members regarding groups funded within the last financial year.

The updates were welcomed noted and members thanked the organisations and officer for their work.

To provide an update on Nantwich Road Action Group – Grant conditions variation

RESOLVED: That the grant award was not used for the purposes as identified in the application and therefore:

i.                    The applicant organisation should be informed that the funds should be used for the purposes as detailed in the application

ii.                   Failure to comply will result in a reclaim of the grant money awarded.

CP/22/4/8 To provide an update on the updated Community Plan & Grants policy

RESOLVED: That the update was noted and the policy recommended to council for approval with the following addition:

i.                    That match funding for applications is required to be demonstrated in the following scale:

0% match for applications up to £500; 15% match  for applications above £500 and up to £1,000; and 20% match for applications over £1,000.

CP/22/4/9 To provide an update to members on the progress of the Business Delivery Plan.


CP/22/4/10 To consider the committee’s draft Business Delivery Plan for 2023/24.

RESOLVED: That the updated draft business delivery plan for 2023/24 was approved subject to review in March prior to recommendation to council for approval

CP/22/4/11 To note the proposed date of the next meeting on Tuesday 14th March 2023 at 6pm.

Meeting closed at 6.51pm

Chair             Cllr Alan Coiley

Clerk             P Turner

Meeting documents

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