Crewe Town Council calls for governmental recognition of challenges and opportunities

Crewe Town Council has written to the Secretary of State for Levelling up, the Rt Hon Michael Gove, as part of the Council’s remit as “a strong voice representing the best interests of Crewe”.

The Council called for focus on identifying opportunities for Crewe’s communities to address the vacuum created by the removal of delivery of HS2b.

In the letter to the Rt Hon Michael Gove:

“The communities of Crewe find themselves in an urgent challenge created by the loss of HS2b and the associated and long-promised added investments and opportunities this would have brought to Crewe, its residents and businesses on a generational basis.

Crewe, located within a broadly sustainable economic demographic of Cheshire East, is home to densely populated areas and communities in the highest levels of deprivation in England and as such we are looking to what we can now expect, support and deliver to offer them opportunities and social growth.”

Crewe Town Council called for positive engagement and representation of Crewe and invited proactivity from the Secretary of State for Levelling Up for targeted funding and resources to bridge the gap created by the loss of HS2b. The Town Council welcomed the possibility of engaging with relevant committees and working groups as soon as possible, to avoid the situation being exacerbated by any delay.

Crewe Town Council commented:

“Crewe is a town that has great potential in terms of economic opportunities and social growth and we remain positive that, with strategic engagement, mitigation may well result in alternative positive outcomes.”

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