Annual Garden and Floral Display Competition

The Town Council agreed on Tuesday night to introduce an annual front garden and floral display competition for summer 2014. The competition is designed to enhance the appearance of the Town, encourage community engagement and increase levels of civic pride.

The draft competition scheme is set out below which will be considered by Committee at the start of April. The Council is seeking a local sponsor willing to provide the prizes and to assist the Mayor in judging the competition.Window box

As with all such competitions there have to be a number of rules and indeed prizes. In terms of rules, they are as follows:

  1. The garden/display must be visible from the highway.
  2. The judging will take place in the first two weeks of August.
  3. The Mayor will determine the winner in each category. The Mayor’s view being final.
  4. There will only be a winner’s prize in each category each year.

The competition will be split into five categories:

  1. Best house frontage (open to housing that opens immediately onto the street).
  2. Best small front garden (open to gardens that are no more than 5m from building to pavement).
  3. Best larger garden (open to all others).
  4. Best Street (open to any group of 20 or more adjacent houses).
  5. Best business premises (open to any business that fronts onto the highway).

To be eligible for an award in any category a lead individual must register their interest with the Town Council by 1st July 2014.

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