Lumen Lite 2021

Lumen Lite 2021

In 2021, Crewe Town Council presented ‘Lumen Lite’: a scaled-down, self-guided illuminated trail around Crewe Town Centre over 16 evenings.

We joined forces with the team behind Blackpool Illuminations to develop a family-focused illuminated arts trail around Crewe Town Centre from 26th November – Sunday 12th December 2021.

Visitors met Moon Folk, discovered giant astronauts, and stumbled across a TARDIS too - and despite some challenging weather conditions, Crewe showcased several dazzling light artworks.

View the foldable Lumen Lite 2021 trail map and guide here.
View the digital view trail map and guide here.

Feedback from the event was collected from visitors and we received 115 responses to our online survey. Thank you to those who took the time to give their feedback, we will use the responses to feed into our future events planning!

Here are some of the comments we received directly:

"It’s really great. Really enjoyed all the installations around the town!! Thanks so much!"

"We went tonight and despite the chilly air it was well worth the visit. Chorus is a sensory overload. Christchurch was simply stunning illuminated internally and as a lifelong fan of Blackpool illuminations it was great to see the Spaceman and Tardis up close in Crewe!"

"It was nippy but lovely, especially interspersed with the traditional Christmas lights. Christ Church looks so lovely and our daughter enjoyed the moon folk story."

"It's good to see an effort to add something of interest to the town but I think it needs a lot more if it's going to be a serious attraction."

Here are the key findings from the Lumen Lite 2021 evaluation:

Lumen Evaluation key headlines infographic


The artworks:

The Moon Folk projection

The Moon Folk by GSMD (Municipal Buildings)

This stunning projection followed a group of curious animals on a journey of discovery. The 5 minute sequence featured a collection of charming, fantasy animals that begin their lives in a ridged monotone that gradually explore their world and their friendships, bringing light and colour into their lives.

The various creatures work together and explore a variety of landscapes and environments formed by the illusion of the shifting architecture of the building, helping each other to overcome the challenges the face and find happiness.

This work is influenced in its style by shadow puppetry and traditional carnival costumes. The story is simple and charming, appropriate for all audiences to enjoy!



Tardis and Municipal by PR

Tardis: photo by Peter Robinson

Dr. Who TARDIS by Lightworks (Memorial Square)

Visitors encountered a replica of the famous TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) from the BBC TV Series Dr. Who. The perfect photo opportunity for sci-fi fans!



Aqulaux Credit Visit Blackpool

Aqualux: Photo Credit Visit Blackpool

Aqualux by Phil Holmes (Lyceum Square)

An 8mtr by 3mtr creative lighting installation composed of 48 unfilled water containers, which typically hold 1,000 litres of water each, specially adapted to create a stunning, transportable and eco friendly light feature to raise the importance of water.

Did you know the average person uses the same amount of water these containers hold within the space of a year? And that’s only at home! Our great grandparents managed with only three containers. Aqualux was an eye opening feature with an educational twist.



Spaceman by Peter Robinson

Spaceman: photo by Peter Robinson

Spaceman by Alan Cockroft (Christ Church)

Originally designed for the Blackpool Illuminations Space Age road section by Alan Cockcroft in 1970. Visitors got up close and personal with a giant interpretation from the famous moon landing over 50 years ago – it was out of this world!


Exponential and Christ Church by PR

Exponential: photo by Peter Robinson

Exponential by Lucid Creates (Christ Church)

A kaleidoscopic audio responsive installation with an immersive soundscape, surprise reflections and an ever-changing swirling core...

Exponential was a kaleidoscopic installation which explored the power of group action through light and sound and offered an opportunity for self-reflection and discussion around our impact on the planet and society.

Each side of the cube had a sensor which was triggered when someone approached. When a sensor was triggered, one of four layers of sound & light began! The full lighting show was created when all four were activated.


Crewe Light boxes on display on Victoria Street

We Love Crewe Light Boxes by the Crewe & District Archive (Victoria Street)

Visitors stepped back in time and discovered Crewe Carnival from 1900–1990s. Thanks to the Crewe and District Archive for sharing their amazing Crewe Carnival photography collection. Also featured finalists from the We Love Crewe photography competition.


Lorna Ellen image

Forests of the Future by Lorna Ellen

Forest of the Future by Lorna Ellen (Christ Church)

‘Forest of the Future’ was a light installation concept comprised of fifteen small-scale trees, depicting a miniature forest.

Focusing on connecting people and nature, specifically the next generation of people (children) and forests, ‘Forest of the Future’ was a unique, interactive installation. This concept was also a subtle, family friendly way of sharing environmental issues, specifically the growing need for more woodland/forests to combat climate change and habitat loss.

A Lumen Lightlab commission.


Chorus by Peter Robinson

Chorus: photo by Peter Robinson

Chorus by Ray Lee and Simon Chatterton (Crewe South Cheshire Magistrates Court)

On display from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 November

Chorus: a monumental installation of kinetic sound sculptures.

Towering above the audience a series of giant metal tripods support rotating arms. At the end of each arm loudspeakers emit precisely tuned musical pitches creating a pulsating, harmonic drone, singing out a hypnotic siren call to all those present. Red lights at the end of the arms create the effect of a whirling swarm of fireflies, or of planets in motion, like mesmerising orbits of colour. These intersecting lights trace rings above the heads of the audience, while the combined chorus of the spinning speakers creates a cohesive harmonious whole, ‘a sticky flux’, that is both uplifting and transfixing.

Chorus aimed to bring a contemporary music and visual art spectacle to a very wide audience. Chorus was shortlisted for the 2014 BASCA British Composer of the Year award for sonic art.

Watch Chorus in action here:



Panto-Land stained glass window

Panto-land by Lightworks (Lyceum Theatre)

It's behind you! Actually, it's in front of you!

The stained-glass window gracing Lyceum Theatre depicted popular Pantomime characters recognising the much-loved traditional festive shows that have been staged at Lyceum Theatre over the years.

How many characters can you spot from everyone’s favourite pantomimes?


Luminate artwork

Luminate by young people from Crewe through the Luminate Youth Project (Crewe Market Hall)

On display Wednesdays to Sundays

This digital light display was designed and created by young people from Crewe aged between 11 and 16. They developed creative, digital and arts skills, through the Luminate Youth project in partnership with Mako Create – and the Luminate display was the stunning result!

The audience was able to interact and control the light art experience.


And Then I Slipped Credit Visit Blackpool

And then I slipped by idontloveyouanymore (Crewe Market Hall)

On display Wednesdays to Sundays

Visitors were enchanted by this rippling, illuminated waterfall. Inspired by the waterfalls of classic children's films such as the Jungle Book and the Lion King, this artwork played with the idea of falling into the power of your own imagination...




Lumen2019 projection photo Pete Robinson
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