We Love Crewe Photography Competition

Be part of it with Lumen!

Lumen is returning to Crewe on 27th November to 12th December 2020 with a town centre art trail, giving you the chance to be immersed in art, light and sound.

You can be a part of the event too, by submitting your favourite photos of Crewe from the past or present.  The winning entries will be printed up and displayed in large light-boxes on Market Square for the whole town to enjoy too!

We will choose 30 photos from all the total number that get submitted – one of them might be yours so get snapping, celebrate our town and remember a brilliant 2020 Lumen Crewe!

How to enter the competition

Images submitted should be of a place in Crewe that is special to you, or an image about the town or the people who live there.  You must have permission to submit the photo, and the more creative your photo is the better.  That’s it, what could be simpler.

  • You can enter up to 10 photos
  • Competition closes midnight Sat 31st Oct 2020
  • More information is below
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Inspiration is all around you

Rays of light through a window, the sun shining on a favourite place, a shop display window, memories of a previous event, street lights, or a rainbow on a wall.

We are looking for interesting and exciting images – really LOOK at what is around you and get creative with your camera.

You do not need any special equipment or fancy cameras – what matters is what you see through the lens. 

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Because the best images will be made into large light boxes we can only accept images which are big enough to use. Aim for an image at least 1MB in size.

The light boxes are SQUARE so please be aware that images in landscape or portrait format will be cropped if selected.  We can crop images, or you can submit an image that is already square in format.

You can submit*

  • A photo straight out of your camera
  • Or an image which has been digitally manipulated
  • An abstract photo of light
  • Or a photo identifying a place (in Crewe)
  • Your photo must be your own work and be your image to submit
  • You can submit an image taken by another person on their behalf if you have permission to do so. 
  • You can submit an image on behalf of a child
  • The image must not have been previously sold or licensed for commercial use

Images submitted must have a connection to Crewe in some way, we will ask you to tell us a bit about each image when you submit them,

*In submitting your image, we will ask you grant Crewe Town Council and Blackpool Council (the event contractors) the right to use it/them in all media for the above stated purpose.  This includes print and digital publications, on websites such as the Lumen, Crewe Town Council and other related websites, on related social media pages and to share with media partners/ press for the purposes of promotion. Any re-use of the image shall be in the same context for which it was originally supplied and shall be for non-commercial use. 

By submitting an entry it will be taken as read that you have the right to do so and haven’t infringed any intellectual property or proprietary rights of any third party.  If anyone is clearly identifiable in the images, you should seek their permission too.

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File Names

To make everyone’s images easy to identify, if you can. please name your images like this: 

[Photographer’s Name]_[Image reference eg place or object]_[Number if uploading more than one]. 


  • John Smith_Lyceum Sq_5.jpg,
  • John Smith_Machinists Institute 1935_6.jpg

Ready to submit?

Please only send your images to use via the ‘Submit Photos Here’ form (via red button below).  Questions? Contact us

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