The Town Council wishes to make as much information as freely available as possible and to comply or exceed with its statutory obligations in this area. The following information is therefore made available in line with the Transparency Code 2015:

    1. Expenditure over £500 – The data for the full year 2018/19 is available here. The data for the full year 2017/18 is available here. The data for the full year 2016/17 is available here. The data for the full year 2015/16 is available hereThe data for the full year 2014/15 is available hereThe data for the full year 2013/14 is available here.


    1. The Council does not use a government procurement card, it does however use a Credit Union Payment Card for small purchases.


    1. The Council rarely needs to tender for services and contracts greater than 5k, but when necessary it advertises of such opportunities in a variety of ways including via the Town Council’s social media.


    1. The Council receives services from ANSA for the provision of the floral displays in the town, this generally amounts to a value of approximately 20k. The Council also makes an annual contribution to Cheshire East to support the provision of CCTV which amounts to circa £30k. Neither are seen as contracts as they are services delivered by one authority for another. The largest contract is a five year contract for the provision of Christmas Lighting infrastructure which at present amounts to approximately 55k. From time to time the Council makes awards to events organisers to support the provision of events in the town. The Council also has a number of minor contracts and agreements for services such as phones, copiers, H&S etc.


    1. The Council owns eleven allotment sites in Crewe and the Town Council office at Chantry Court. The extent of the allotment holding is set out on the site plans.


    1. The Council does not hold any social housing.


    1. The Council funds have been made to community organisation via the Crewe Town Council Small Grants Scheme can be found here.


    1. The organisation employs four people. The Deputy Town Clerk, Events Officer and Community Engagement Officer all report to the Town Clerk. No employee earns more than the declaration threshold of £50k. In comparison with other similar councils the payroll budget expressed as a percentage of total expenditure is very low. As over January 2017 the monthly payroll expenditure is circa £10.5k.


    1. There are no recognised trade unions at the Town Council.


    1. The Council does not operate car parks and is not responsible for parking.


    1. The Council’s Standing Orders are published on the Councils website.


    1. The Council’s pay multiplier is a ratio of 1.89:1 (this is the ratio of the highest paid employee to the lowest)


    1. Fraud (section not relevant)


    1. Waste, the Council does not offer such services.


If you cannot find the information you wish to see or there is other unrelated information you wish to see then please contact the Council with an information request.