TrAction Crewe just gets bigger – Call for artists

Have you heard that TrAction Crewe is happening again on the 8th and 9th July? Is it in your diary and have you seen the event is teaming up with two other events in Sandbach and Fleetwood to bring a larger touring festival to the town?

Preparation is ongoing and there is a call out for artists and performers, is this you a family member or friend? If so see below for what the team are looking for.

What we are looking for:

  1. The Great Spare Parts Arts Parade – Artists designed vehicles, bicycles, mobile installations that can take art in the Great Spare Parts Art Parade (existing or new commissions)
  2. Spare Parts Village – Static installations and performances in, on and around vehicles that can form part of the Spare Parts ‘Junk Yard’ Village.
  3. Spare Partists – Strolling or mobile performers, especially with a transport or travel theme, to perform throughout the day and take part in the Parade
  4. Spare Participation –Freelance artists, organisations or participatory arts companies who can help communities develop their own content (vehicles and moving installations) for the festival (especially but not exclusively to create a community designed mobile scooter display team).

For the full brief take a look at the Brief


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