COVID-19 update: Allotments remain open and social distancing guidance should be followed to protect yourself and others. 

We are advising allotment holders to follow guidance issued by the National Allotment Society which includes:

  • No more than 2 visitors shall be allowed per plot
  • Any children visiting the site shall be supervised and restricted to their own plot
  • All communal facilities including tool sheds, meeting sheds, toilets are closed
  • All gardeners use their own tools and do not share others
  • Gloves are worn
  • Use hand sanitiser (or wash your hands) often
  • Government guidelines on social distancing must be maintained at all times
  • Any gardener and/or a member of their direct family either showing signs of the illness shall follow the self-isolation guidelines and not visit the allotments Any gardener who is in receipt of any direction to isolate for 12 weeks shall follow guidelines and not visit the allotments

Please follow these guidelines, and those of the National Allotment Society, to make sure all the allotment sites can remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read a more comprehensive post about Covid-19 and allotments.

Crewe allotment sites

The Council owns 11 allotment sites and works closely with the Crewe Town Allotment Federation and the West End Allotment Cooperative who look after and run the sites on our behalf.

For current information regarding the above sites please click the links.

Henry Street Allotments
Henry Street
Brookhouse Allotments
Alton Street allotments
Alton Street
Crewe allotment