The Town Council delivers a number of services to residents and, on behalf of residents, some of these are detailed below:

  1. Crewe RangerCOVID-19 update: The Rangers are currently operating a reduced service, while also being on standby to do emergency deliveries.  Normal service will return when deemed safe to do so, as guided by Government.  This service provides a rapid reaction resource to tackle urgent issues in Crewe where a clean up is required. It enhances the general services in Crewe and aims to bring positive changes to the streetscene and general environment. Why not follow the Rangers on Twitter.
  2. AllotmentsCOVID-19 update: Allotments remain open and social distancing guidance should be followed.   The Council owns 11 Allotments Sites and works closely with the Allotment Associations who look after and run the sites on our behalf.
  3. Floral Displays – The Council funds an extensive floral display throughout the town centre.
  4. Town Centre ManagementCOVID-19 update: Activities in the town centre have been postponed until safe to hold them.  Planning and coordinating is still taking place.The Town Council is responsible for managing a number of activities in the town centre and coordinating activities with business.
  5. Town Square BookingsCOVID-19 update: No town square activity can take place until social distancing rules are relaxed.  Bookings can be taken July onwards assuming social gatherings are allowed at that point.
    The Council issues permits for the use of the Municipal/Memorial and Market Squares.  If you wish to use these for an activity then please contact us. Charitable use is free, but a charge is applicable for commercial usage. For more info, please contact
  6. EventsCOVID-19 update: TrAction has been postponed until it is safe to hold the event, but planning is still taking place. All other events are still scheduled as normal, with a view that this might change if necessary.   The Council runs an increasing number of events including TrAction Crewe, usually in July, and Lumen Crewe’s night of lights. The Council also works with other parties who deliver other events in Crewe. The Council also organises the annual Remembrance Sunday Service each year in November.
  7. Christmas Illuminations – The Council believes it has the best displays in the area and are continuing to improve the quality and extent of our displays.
  8. CCTV – The Council makes a financial contribution each year to help Cheshire East and the Police deter and react to crime in the area.
  9. Streetscene – COVID-19 update: Streetscene Officers are working from home, helping with emergency deliveries and available to support the volunteer effort where needed.  Normal service will return when deemed safe to do so, as guided by Government.The Town Council has two Streetscene Officers who patrol the streets of Crewe seeking to help reduce problems related to flytipping and waste management in the town.

If you require information on other services such as Council Tax, Benefits, Highways, Housing, Environmental Health, Planning, etc. please contact Cheshire East Council on 0300 123 55 00 as these are not dealt with by the Town Council.