Town Square Bookings

Town Square Bookings

Crewe Town Council issues permits for the use of Memorial and Market Squares.  If you wish to use these for an activity then please contact us. Charitable use is free, a charge is applicable for commercial bookings.

Covid-19 update: In addition to providing proof of Public Liability Insurance and a risk assessment of your proposed activity, a method statement & risk assessment must be provided to cover your Covid-19 contagion controls.

For more information please contact


COVID-19 update: Crewe Market is running on Friday and Saturday at present, and there is a strict ban on data collection of any kind on those days. This includes collection of direct debits.

Market Square may be referred to as Town Square on some maps.

For standard terms of use and the booking forms, please click on the links below. Please return any completed booking forms to

View an interactive map where you can measure dimensions.


Memorial Square, Crewe

Memorial Square may be referred to as Municipal Square on some maps.

Memorial Square contains the statue of Britannia and is the location of the annual Remembrance Sunday event. It contains small memorial gardens to remember those that have lost their lives in conflict and is reserved for charitable or community use only. No commercial activity can take place on this square.

Please read the protocol below for guidance of what is, and isn't, allowed to happen here.

Memorial Square Protocol

To book the square for an activity, please send an email to enquire about availability and whether it would be allowed, to

View an interactive map where you can measure dimensions.

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    Town Square Booking Form

    This form collects information so that our team can communicate with you and provide you with the assistance you have requested. Please see our Privacy Policy to see how we process your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. The town council Privacy Policy is also available from the council offices. You can withdraw or change your consent to the council processing your personal data at any time by contacting the council offices.

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