Use of Municipal/Memorial Square Protocol

Use of Municipal/Memorial Square Protocol

Adopted by Council: 15th December 2020

Planned Review Date: December 2022


The Municipal/Memorial Square is an important public space in Crewe and is valued by the people of Crewe as a focal point for a variety of events during the year. The space has historically been used for a variety of purposes and events.

The square is the home of a number of memorials including the Cenotaph. The Town Council is responsible for managing the space and issuing permits for its use. The purpose of the document is to give guidance to officers on what activities can and cannot be carried out on the square.

The underlying principle is that the sensitivities over the use of an area that includes memorials are managed but without imposing restrictions that curtail the use of the square for public good.

It is the Council's policy that all permitted activities shall be respectful to the nature and significance of the Square.


  1. No activity shall take place in the cordoned area i.e. chained area at centre of square, except in relation to services such as Armistice Day.
  2. The chain gateway into the cordoned area shall remain open at all times to permit and encourage the public to read the inscriptions and pay their respects. The gateway will only be closed while other events are held on the square that do not require access to the inner sanctum as an integral element.
  3. No alcohol shall be permitted to be sold on the square.
  4. The square shall not be used for commercial or promotional activities, except where the prime purpose of the activity is for charitable or community engagement purposes.
  5. No activity shall place without a permit from the Council.
  6. The Council will not make a charge for a permit.
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