Street Naming Policy

Adopted by Council: 29th September 2020

Planned Review Date: May 2023

This Policy was adopted on 29th September 2020 and supersedes any previous versions

The Town Council recognises that it does not have statutory power relating to the naming and numbering of streets within the town. These rest with Cheshire East Borough Council, which uses sections 17 and 19 of the Public Health Act 1925 together with section 21 of the Public Health Act Amendment Act 1907 for the purpose of naming streets. The Town Council acknowledges the Cheshire East Street Naming Guidelines.

The Town Council is a consultee however and will use its influence wherever possible in pursuit of the objectives set out below.

Maintaining a comprehensive and high standard for street naming, numbering (or naming properties), specification and installation of street name plates is important as it allows:-

  • Emergency services to find a property quickly – delays can cost lives and money
  • Post to be delivered efficiently
  • Visitors to locate their destination
  • Reliable delivery of goods and services
  • Records of service providers to be kept in an efficient manner
  • Public bodies able to work from one official address data base.


  1. Crewe Town Council would prefer street names to have some local relevance such as local geographical features e.g. Church View Walk, local historical connections e.g. old field names, or commemorating local personalities (Vernon Way), or industries (Bentley Drive), etc.
  2. It accepts street names used as part of a marketing strategy (Pinewood Court) provided that they are not excessively over-stated (Orlando Park).
  3. It accepts (subject to 7 below) that there will be frequently used themes such as poets and trees, though it considers that their over-use betrays a lack of imagination.
  4. It cautions against the use of names which are topical at the time of development but which people have difficulty in pronouncing and / or spelling in later years (Jan Palach Avenue).
  5. It does not favour names which relate to developers’ personal friends or relatives (Marie Close).
  6. It does not favour names of other places which are no more distinguished than our own town (and sometimes less so) but whose use encourages the notion that they are more attractive (Bramhall Road, Marple Crescent).
  7. The growing use of post codes may mean that the Post Office will no longer have as much difficulty as it has in the past with similar names in different areas of the Borough. However, there is still scope for confusion for other people and organisations within the community, and we will continue to scrutinise new names under that criterion.
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