Quality Policy



Adopted by Council: March 2024

Planned Review Date: March 2026


Crewe Town Council believes that its commitment to continuous improvement will guarantee the success of the Council by fulfilling its strategic objectives and the needs and expectations of its residents, communities, businesses, clients, partners and other stakeholders.


The Council has developed its expertise and standards since its establishment and its aim is to achieve a high standard of service to the Town.



The Council’s policy on Quality supports the Mission, Vision, strategic priorities and objectives contained in its Corporate Strategy, “Taking Crewe where it wants to be” which can also be viewed on our Website. It relates to all activities and processes developed and operating for quality control and management which have been underlined by the Council in a range of linked policies. It will also help ensure the Council operates in compliance with its Core Values, legal requirements and best practice.



The Council is committed to seek Quality in all that they do by:-

  • Developing and maintaining activities that are systematically planned, implemented, reviewed and
  • Increasing the Council’s capacity by developing both Members and Staff and using external expertise where
  • Investing in technology and equipment which will increase
  • Working in partnership where it can add
  • Building successful relationships with residents and communities by ascertaining their respective needs and considering their wishes.
  • Develop and achieve our commitments for quality, cost, and


The Council will seek recognition for its policy by:-

  • Striving for excellent internal and external audit
  • Seeking to gain and then retain successive levels of the Local Council Awards
  • Remaining eligible to use the Power of General
  • Operating through integrated quality management principles which incorporate continual assessment and can be externally assessed if appropriate.
  • Publicly reporting
  • Undertaking satisfaction surveys on its
  • Assessing business, financial and safety risks and managing in a way that lowers them to an acceptable
  • Preparing and regularly reviewing a Business Continuity


The Councillors and Officers are responsible for quality control through the policies an procedures seeking improvement by constant review with suppliers and sub-contractors being encouraged to co-operate. The Council is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by the use of quality procedures

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