Friendship and Twinning Policy

Crewe Town Council

Friendship and Twinning Policy


Adopted by Council: 18th September 2018

Planned Review Date: March 2025



Twinning was widely promoted after World War Two to engender reconciliation and build relationships.  Although twinning per se may not meet the needs of modern generations, the notion of friendship still has relevance in today’s society.  There are approximately 2,000 twinning arrangements in Britain and 75% are with French and German authorities

There is no fixed definition or model of town twinning or partnership arrangements.  A twinning link is customarily defined as a friendship agreement involving co-operation between two communities in different countries, endorsed by both local authorities.  The two twinned communities organise projects and activities around a range of issues and develop an understanding of historical, cultural and lifestyle similarities and differences.  These activities should involve a wide range of community members and in keeping with any agreements which are in place

A ‘friendship’ can be seen as an affiliation between two communities that is considered and felt that it would be mutually beneficial to both parties

History of Twinning in Crewe

Crewe has been twinned with Mâcon, France, since 1957, and Dzierżoniόw, Poland, and Bischofsheim, Germany, since 1991

With the historical connection at its foundation, Crewe Town Council hopes to practicably and effectively establish a sustainable civic and community friendship with Mâcon, Dzierżoniόw and Bischofsheim

It will have the added value of strengthening relationships within Mâcon, Dzierżoniόw and Bischofsheim as the Town Council engages with community groups to plan and deliver friendship projects

The Purpose and Benefits of Twinning and Friendships

  • Increasing cultural awareness, including knowledge and understanding of the places of origin and understanding of the places of origin of the town’s communities that can assist staff in their work and foster community cohesion;
  • Instil a sense of community pride in Mâcon, Dzierżoniόw, Bischofsheim and Crewe;
  • Broaden horizons in all of the towns through understanding cultural, linguistic and social exchanges;
  • Provide opportunities for younger people to acquire new skills and contribute positively to a partnership between all towns;


Crewe Town Council has a working relationship with the Crewe and Nantwich Twinning Association (CANTA) and welcomes reports of their activities to Crewe Town Council. Therefore, it is expected that at least one Councillor and one Officer will have the informal oversight of this function

Principles and Visions of Twinning and Friendship

To promote and celebrate the culture and heritage of Mâcon, Dzierżoniόw, Bischofsheim and Crewe through the following exchanges:-

  • Arts, Culture, Recreation and Heritage;
  • Twinning and International Relations;
  • Health and Wellbeing;
  • Environment and Wildlife;
  • Young People and Families;
  • Business and Enterprise;
  • Education, Training, Volunteering and Employment;
  • Vulnerable People;
  • Supporting Community Organisations and Assets;
  • To promote all towns and their surrounding areas as a place to be visited;

Whilst it is understood that Mâcon, Dzierżoniόw and Bischofsheim are of particular importance, the Town Council requests that more activity is focussed on promoting the cultural diversity of Crewe and that CANTA engages with residents who have settled in the Town from other countries

Funding and Review

Crewe and Nantwich Twinning Association will need to be self-funded

However, from time to time Crewe Town Council may make a financial contribution based on proposals submitted for the consideration of Councillors. Once any financial contribution is made then monies will be spent in accordance with agreed terms as stipulated by Crewe Town Council, or granted to CANTA.

The policy and all such agreement will be the subject of review on a periodical basis

Future scope

In order for twinning and friendships to survive, endure and become more relevant as society changes it is felt that the following aims and objectives must be considered and taken into account, where resources and capacity allow, when organising activities, events and projects:-

  • To encourage and increase levels of engagement and involvement in line with the principles and vision listed above;
  • Increased awareness and knowledge of twinning and friendships within all towns;
  • To proactively foster additional friendships with a view to entering into additional friendships;

Any future aims and objectives will be determined on the basis of how twinning and friendships develop in the interests of all parties



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