Community and Social Policy




Adopted by Council: 29th September 2020

Planned Review Date: September 2023


This Policy contains Crewe Town Council’s written commitment to strengthening the Town’s communities of both place and interest, to recognising and encouraging their diversity and treating communities and individuals fairly and with respect.

The Policy supports the Council’s Corporate Strategy, “Taking Crewe where it wants to be” which defines one of its strategic priorities as “A Community with Pride.” This includes the statement “developing a sense of civic pride across all age groups, improving the level of public engagement and providing a place where people feel positive”.

The principles by which the Council will operate are set out in its Core Values as a pledge to the community:-

  • Equality and respect
  • Professionalism and Delivering on our promises
  • Democracy and transparency
  • Working with others to maximise effectiveness

The Policy is also intended to compliment and pledge the Town Council’s ongoing the Town’s Community Plan A Vision for Crewe – Crewe’s Community Plan, which was developed in partnership and adopted by the Town Council in March 2015 along with its refreshed Action Plan of June 2019.

It also compliments the authority’s Social and Ethics; Equal Opportunity and Diversity; also, in their Procurement Policy, the Council commit to purchasing locally where possible.

The Council will aim to understand the nature of society within the Town and will use its role as the level of local government closest to the people, to develop its qualities and encourage interaction within and between the communities.

In particular, the Council will:-

  • Promote and support the provision cultural facilities and community venues.
  • Promote and facilitate events which draw the whole community together.
  • Support ways of giving individuals and communities a voice and where appropriate to act as an Advocate for them.
  • Support the reporting of local events and issues.
  • Work in partnership to tackle significant social welfare issues within the Town.
  • Use its governance role to strengthen communities, as well as supporting voluntary and community organisations which seek to do the same.
  • Put the needs of the public first and provide fair, responsive and accountable local government.
  • Promote good relationships between members of the community particularly those who might suffer discrimination.
  • Monitor policies and procedures to assess their effectiveness in achieving our aims.
  • Work with our partners in statutory, voluntary and private sectors to ensure the best outcomes for the people of Crewe Town.


Crewe Town Council will also strive to set a good example locally, in addressing world ethical issues and will encourage partner and associated organisations to do so. It is committed to the prevention of any violation of established Human Rights of any kind, particularly where child labour or undesirable forced acts are involved.

In particular, the Council will:-

  • Promote a culture of ethical behaviour throughout the organisation.
  • Act to protect the integrity and therefore enhance the reputation of the Council.
  • Only engage with suppliers, contractors or business partners who do not compromise out reputation outlined within this policy.
  • Maintain policies and procedures which will deliver value for money and demonstrate socially and environmentally responsible behaviour.
  • Purchase Fair Trade goods where possible and promote and support Crewe as a Fair Trade Town.
  • Question its major suppliers of goods and services about their ethical credentials.
  • Encourage all suppliers to the Council, to ensure that throughout their global supply chains, all organisations comply with the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code.
  • Collaborate and compete with other business institutions in a fair, honest and appropriate manner.
  • Ensure that ethics as well as returns, govern its investments

N.B. Companies with a commitment to ethical trade adopt a code of labour practice that they expect all their suppliers to work towards. Such codes address issues like wages, hours of work, health and safety, employment to be freely chosen, no child labour, the right to join free trade unions and a ban on harsh or inhuman practices.

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