Policy Documents

Name Adopted Published Download
Allotments Policy 29th September 2020 13th May 2021  Download
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy 15th December 2020  Download
Child Protection and Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding Policy 19th November 2019  Download
Community and Social Policy 29th September 2020  Download
Community Engagement Policy 29th September 2020  Download
Constitution 7th January 2020  Download
Cookie Policy 31st March 2020  Download
Corporate Strategy 3rd March 2020  Download
Councillor Code of Conduct 18th May 2021  Download
Customer Care Policy and Complaints Code 29th September 2020  Download
Document Management 31st March 2020  Download
Emergency Plan 29th September 2020  Download
Environmental and Sustainability Policy 29th September 2020  Download
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy 10th November 2019  Download
Financial and Treasury Management Strategy and Reserves Policy 15th December 2020  Download
Financial Regulations 3rd March 2020  Download
Financial Risk Assessment 15th December 2020  Download
Friendship and Twinning Policy 18th September 2018  Download
General Privacy Notice 31st March 2020  Download
Grants Policy 1st April 2021  Download
ICT Policy 15th December 2020  Download
Information and Data Protection Policy 3rd March 2020  Download
Information Security Policy 15th December 2020  Download
Internet, Email and Social Media Policy 15th December 2020  Download
IT, Website and Email Policy 31st March 2020  Download
Mayor’s Allowance Scheme 29th September 2020  Download
Medium Term Financial Plan 15th December 2020  Download
Member – Officer Protocol 7th January 2020  Download
Officer Code of Conduct 31st March 2020  Download
Pension Discretion Policy 6th May 2021  Download
Personal Data Breach Policy 15th December 2020  Download
Planning Policy 29th September 2020  Download
Planning Protocol 7th January 2020  Download
Procurement Policy 7th January 2020  Download
Publication Scheme 29th September 2020  Download
Quality Policy 29th September 2020  Download
Risk Management Scheme 3rd March 2020  Download
Social Media Policy 26th January 2019  Download
Sponsorship Policy 26th February 2019  Download
Standing Order for Contracts 7th January 2020  Download
Standing Orders 7th January 2020  Download
Street Naming Policy 29th September 2020  Download
Training and Development Policy 29th September 2020  Download
Use of Memorial Square Protocol 15th December 2020  Download
Volunteer Policy 19th November 2019  Download
Website Privacy Notice 31st March 2020  Download