Cllr Nan Walton

I was born and bred in Crewe and have lived in the East Ward since I was 16. My dad’s was working life was with British Rail and I joined them at the age of 15. We were both trade union representatives. I followed on in both Mum and dad’s footsteps by supporting Crewe Alex. 2015 will mark my 65th season following the Reds (for my sins). There is a brick of dedication in their names in the wall at the Club.

My Nanny and Grandad were also born in Crewe at Monks Coppenhall as it was known. I attended the local schools and still meet up with my old school mates for a cuppa. I have also now joined the local branch of the North West Pensioners Association. I feel I have gone ‘full circle’.

Two years ago I was privileged to be elected to Crewe Town Council. Whilst on the Council I tried to help the CWU workers in their fight to save out Post Office, this through my membership of my Trade Union (TSSA). Though I retired many years ago I have kept up my Union Membership and still attend my local branch meetings. I recently received a badge marking my 50 years as a member. Though as all will know we were unsuccessful and the Post Office was closed on the square and relocated to Smiths. I’ll always be glad we tried.

I’m also glad that along with other Town Councillors and local residents we were able to stop the lifestyle centre from being located on the Ragga.

Some you win, some you lose, but I’ll always keep fighting for what I believe in. I’m a Crewe-ite at heart, and reckon I always will be.

Deputy Mayor

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