In accordance with government advice relating to the Covid-19 outbreak, Crewe Town Council has cancelled all Council and committee meetings until further notice. It is hoped to arrange virtual meetings using video conferencing in the near future.

Community Plan

Date Meeting Details
27th January 2020 Community Plan Committee Meeting – Monday 27th January 2020 View Details
8th July 2020 Test Jackie & Hannah View Details

Finance and Governance

Date Meeting Details
28th May 2020 Finance and Governance 28 May 2020 View Details

Marketing and Events Committee

Date Meeting Details
21st January 2020 Marketing and Events Committee 21-01-2020 View Details
3rd March 2020 Marketing and Events Committee 10th March 2020 View Details

Operations and Improvement Committee

Date Meeting Details
20th January 2020 Operations and Improvements Committee View Details
24th March 2020 cancelled Operations and Improvements Committee 24th March 2020 View Details
6th July 2020 Operations and Improvements Committee – 6th July View Details

Personnel Committee

Date Meeting Details
23rd January 2020 Personnel Committee 28th January 2020 View Details
4th March 2020 Personnel Committee 9th March 2020 View Details


Date Meeting Details
14th January 2020 Planning Committee 14/1/2020 View Details
11th February 2020 Planning Committee 11/2/2020 View Details
17th March 2020 Planning Committee 17/3/2020 View Details
23rd June 2020 Planning Committee 23rd June 2020 View Details

Town Council

Date Meeting Details
26th March 2020 Town Council 31 March 2020 View Details