The Mayor of Crewe

Crewe Town Crest - Final

Councillor Diane Yates

The role of the Mayor is partly to act as an ambassador for the Town of Crewe.
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If you have any questions or queries, please contact:
Hannah Marr, Personal Assistant to the Mayor and Community Engagement Officer
Telephone: 01270 756975 Option 1

Mayor’s Statement

Can I express my gratitude to my fellow Councillors for providing me with this great honour and opportunity to represent our great town. I appreciate that I have a lot to live up to as our last 4 mayors have succeeded in restoring, in great part, pride in Crewe a town with thousands of hard working and committed people. During the last year, as Deputy Mayor, I witnessed the energy and enthusiasm that Cllr. Marilyn Houston demonstrated and experienced, when standing in for her, the great pleasure that can be obtained when working with so many individuals and organisations in the town who are committed to improving the lives of our citizens.

Of course, the job of the Mayor of Crewe is not about the individual undertaking the role but it is everything about representing and being an ambassador for our town, ensuring that we are regarded as the premier town in the Borough and making our residents proud of the place they live.

During my year in office I want to focus on a range of specialist areas of interest that I have. These include;

  1. Supporting local organisations and Cheshire Constabulary to reduce the incidence and impact of anti-social behaviour
  2. Developing pride in our town using every opportunity to showcase developments in business and social activities which bring life and a higher profile to the town
  3. Improving the way in which the town looks and presents itself. Much has been done in this area during the last 2 years and there is so much more to be done.
  4. Assisting in the roll out of our Community Plan especially in the areas of youth, health and wellbeing, art and culture, housing and of course the town centre redevelopment.
  5. Increasing the contacts that we have across all the diverse ethnic communities that live, work and bring so much cultural exchange to our town.

My charities for this year are both local ones and are both in areas of community work with which I have a special interest. Firstly CLIMB; Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Diseases and secondly homelessness where I want to bring together the organisations working in the town including the YMCA, Salvation Army, LATH and St. Luke’s Hospice.


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