Find out more about Crewe’s history with our new Heritage Resources

A range of Heritage Resources has been unveiled by Crewe Town Council, designed to highlight specific aspects of Crewe’s history. These free resources have been created for everyone to enjoy. To help schools, the packs have been tailored to suit Early Years Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2+.

Seven resources have been created in total, containing lots of information, images, maps and activities. Supporting videos are also available which include old footage of Crewe:


Spotlight on people

4th July 2022 will be the 185th anniversary of the first train to pass through Crewe! Five of the resources focus on people who have lived in Crewe since that time, including:

  • Sarah Maddocks who moved to Crewe around 1845 and lived at 3 Dorfold Street
  • Ada Nield Chew who wrote to the Crewe Chronicle about working conditions in Crewe’s Factories in 1894
  • Daisy Haywood who was a Crewe munitions worker in 1914. This pack focuses on the role of Crewe women during the First & Second World Wars
  • John A. Bunting who was an apprentice fitter at the Shadow Factory in 1941
  • Raz Ahmed who moved to Crewe from Bangladesh in 1964


Spotlight on Royal Visits and Occasions

Two resources have been created to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: one focuses on how Crewe has celebrated royal visits and occasions, while the other looks at some of the gifts Crewe has created for royalty. These packs are full of ideas of how you can celebrate your own Jubilee celebrations by seeing how it was done in the past!


If you would like further information about the Heritage Resources, please contact the Heritage Development Officer: [email protected].

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