Public Services Committee Meeting

Minutes of the Public Services Committee Meeting 21st May 2024


Cllr. Coiley

Cllr. S. Hogben

Cllr. Mackay

Cllr. Murray

Cllr. Mortimer

Cllr Pratt

Cllr. Yates


PS/24/1/1 To receive apologies for absence
  Apologies were received from: Councillor Bratherton, Cllr Messent and Cllr Straine–Francis
PS/24/1/2 To elect the committee Chair and Deputy Chair for 2024/25

i.                    Cllr  Mackay was duly elected as Chair

ii.                   Cllr S. Hogben was duly elected as Deputy Chair

PS/24/1/3    To note declarations of Members’ interests.
  Councillor S. Hogben declared a non-pecuniary interest as a member of the Railway Cottages Residents’ Association.
PS/24/1/4 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Operations and Improvements Committee meeting held on 12th March 2024.
  Resolved:  That the minutes are a true record of the meeting.
PS/24/1/5 Public Participation
  A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments in relation to the published agenda items.

No questions or comments were received.

PS/24/1/6 To provide a review of workstreams of this committee as they relate to the prior iteration and future delivery.
  Noted: The report.
PS/24/1/7 To consider options for the allocation of Cleaner Crewe funding for 2024/25.
  Resolved: To recommend to Council the development of a Waste Management Support Officer role, to be employed by Ansa on the Town Council’s behalf for a minimum contract period of three years. The role to reflect a combination of the elements outlined in the option and additional educational activity. The brief for the job description to be agreed by consensus of the committee prior to consideration by council.
PS/24/1/8 To consider matters related to Town Centre Management

i.                    That the phase 4 aspect of public realm furniture refurbishment and painting is delivered at a cost of £1,670

ii.                  That the Town Council  commissions Orbitas to provide annual maintenance of refurbished items at a cost of £3650 for 2024/25.

iii.                That committee considers, over time, the direction for town centre place making and management and opportunities to add value.


PS/24/1/9 Assets & Services

9.1 Allotments update


i.           The process for asset management and maintenance.

ii.          That the tree works required will be progressed within approved budget and authorised spend.


9.2 Railway Cottages update


i.         The process for asset management and maintenance.

ii.        That consideration of associated budget may be required within the budget setting process.

PS/24/1/10 Rangers, Play Areas, Greenspaces & Volunteering
  Noted: The report
PS/24/1/11 Date of the next meeting:

Noted: the proposed date of the next meeting is Tuesday 3rd September at 6pm.

Meeting closed at 7.29pm

Chair Cllr Stuart Mackay

Clerk L Lewis

Meeting documents

Public Services Committee Meeting agenda pack 210524

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