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 19th June 2023


 To: Members of the Planning Committee

Dear Councillor,

You are summoned to attend the meeting of the Planning Committee to be held at 6:00pm on Monday 26th June 2023. The meeting will be held at the Crewe Town Council Offices, 1 Chantry Court, Crewe, CW1 2DL.

In the interests of maintaining safety, adherence to guidance and to facilitate appropriate public  access, the meeting will be recorded and shared on the Crewe Town Council channel.

 Yours sincerely,

Peter Turner

Town Clerk

Crewe Town Council



1 To receive apologies for absence
2    To note declarations of Members’ interests
3 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 22nd May 2023
4 Public Participation
  A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments that relate to the items within the agenda. Any member of the public wishing to participate should email by 4.00 p.m. on the day of the meeting, providing their name, email address and an indication of the subject of their question or comment. Alternatively, your comments or questions can be submitted in advance and read  to the committee at the meeting by the clerk.

Attendance at the meeting in person is permitted, but space is limited and you are asked to consider if you might be able to access the meeting virtually in consideration of available space      and associated safety guidance. Please feel free to contact the office  to discuss this in more detail if you would like to.

5 To consider making a response to the following planning applications:

Application No: 23/1798N
Proposal: AMENDED DESCRIPTION - New purpose-built building with link corridor interfacing with the existing main college campus building. 2 stories high with workshops (4) and lecture rooms (4), external render to match adjacent main campus building with pigmented blockwork to match adjacent college campus building wall panels and window frames.
Location: South Cheshire College, DANE BANK AVENUE, CREWE, CHESHIRE, CW2 8AB


Application No: 23/2027N
Proposal: The removal of the existing close boarded fence to the eastern boundary; removal of railings on the southern and western boundaries. Construction of a new close boarded fence, 2 metres in height, to the eastern, southern and western boundaries


Application No: 23/2024N
Proposal: Listed building consent for the removal of the existing close boarded fence to the eastern boundary; removal of railings on the southern and western boundaries. Construction of a new close boarded fence, 2 metres in height, to the eastern, southern and western boundaries


Application No: 23/1974N
Proposal: Listed Building Consent for Internal fit out work to transform the existing Pumpkin Retail unit to a new Cafe Local brand retail unit together with new signage. The works are to be contained within the existing retail area demise and the existing Platform 7 elevation is to be retained with new signage that will match the size and position of the existing.


Application No: 23/2075N
Proposal: Variation of condition 5 on approval 23/0457N - see cover letter
Location: UNIT 4, Phoenix Leisure Park, DUNWOODY WAY, CREWE, CW1 3AJ


Application No: 22/4964N
 Proposal: Proposed erection of a part single, part two storey building to provide a Class D2 Youth Zone facility with minibus parking and drive in drop off layby from Oak Street with accessible car parking space. A 5 a-side illuminated (MUGA) pitch is located on the roof at first floor level with an acoustic screen from properties on High Street. Covered secure cycle parking to the North along with external recreation area with secure fencing. Service Yard to the North accessed off High Street providing access to bin storage and minibus space. Associated boundary treatments and hard and soft landscaping.
 Location: Car Park, OAK STREET, CREWE


Application No: 23/2121N
Proposal: Advertisement consent for various signage required for drive thru restaurant - 1No. Digintal Unit Single Screen, 3No. Digital Unit Double Screen, 2No. Building Letter Signage, 3No. McDonalds Golden Arch Logo, 2No. DOT Sign Parked Order Bay, 11No. DOT Sign 25D Pedestrian Crossing, 5No. DOT 25E Give Way, 9No. Loof Left, 7No. Look Right, 3No. Look Both Ways, 1No. Single Digital Reconnect Screen and 1No. Totem Signage
Location: Crewe Market Centre, Corner of West Stre, Crewe Market Centre, Corner of West Street & Vernon Way, Crewe, CW1 2NG


Application No: 23/1906N
Proposal: Build a double storey extension off the side of their house onto their carpark and stay within the 1 meter boundary of their fence line.

The proposed extension is to match the existing materials and finishes as the original.

Location: 217, GRESTY ROAD, CREWE, CW2 6EL


Application No: 23/2182N
Proposal: Erection of a new indoor sports facility and gymnasium (Use Class E(d)) and associated access, car parking, landscaping and associated works
Location: Land off Mirion St, Crewe, CW1 2AP

Application No: 23/2158C
Proposal: Erection of 2 No. dwelling houses with associated access and landscaping.
Location: Land To Rear Of 203 And 205, MIDDLEWICH STREET, CREWE, CHESHIRE
6 To consider making responses to any urgent planning application consultations that  have arisen since this agenda was published
7 To note responses submitted under delegation since the previous meeting
As Circulated
8 To note and/or consider correspondence, consultations,  planning policy circulated by the planning authority (Cheshire East Council) and member items
  8.1 Proposed base station installation upgrade at cornerstone 12744724, Rolls Royce water treatment, Pymms Lane, Crewe, CW1 3PL
9 To note correspondence associated with planning enforcement

Application No: 23/00267E
Nature of problem: Dilapidated condition of property
10 To note the proposed date of the next meeting Monday 17th July 2023 at 6pm.































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