Planning Committee


Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting 18th October 2021

In attendance:           

Cllr Emma Angier       Cllr Tom Dunlop         Cllr Hazel Faddes

Cllr Marilyn Houston Cllr John Rhodes        Cllr Ben Wye

1. To receive apologies for absence.

Cllr Palin

Cllr Hogben

Cllr Straine Francis

2. To note declarations of Members’ interests.

Cllr Rhodes declared a non-pecuniary interest in application 21/4906 as a volunteer governor of the school

3. To consider co-option of Cllr Ben Wye to the committee

RESOLVED: That Cllr Wye is co-opted to the committee

4 Public Participation

Representatives of Crewe FC, a community-led charity football club addressed the committee. Crewe FC has delivered a proposal to Cheshire East Council to use an area of the Georges Playing Fields for the provision of football pitches to provide increased capacity on the town for organised football activities. Crewe FC is seeking support from Crewe Town Council for its proposals. The representatives were thanked for their attendance and the information. It was clarified that their proposals included a potential planning application, which meant the committee could not be in a position of pre-determination and was therefore unable to discuss or give a view on the proposals at this point.

The committee was also addressed by a resident who expressed thanks to the members for their service and also expressed the ambition to become a member of Crewe Town Council.

 5               To receive the minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting that took place on Tuesday 21st September 2021

RESOLVED: That the  minutes are approved as a true record of the meeting

  1. To consider making a response to the following planning applications:


Application No: 21/4671N
Proposal: Public realm improvements to Lyceum Square, including facade repainting and replacement building mounted amenity lighting, two new features; a performance structure and raised stage with digital screen and an arts and cultural space beneath the existing open northern Market Shed. These two features will be created using shipping container architecture and include lighting and artwork. Service and emergency access will be retained, and disabled parking will be retained but relocated. Existing surfaces will be retained and repaired with the addition of new floor graphics and Thermoplastic concrete imprinted asphalt. Lyceum Theatre and Crewe Market Hall, will be enhanced through new wall mounted amenity lighting. Street greening via raised planters
Location: Lyceum Square, HEATH STREET, CREWE


RESOLVED: That, whilst the committee welcomes the investment and enhancements intended within the application, it is sought that amendments are made to address:

  1. The reinstatement and repairs to the traffic barrier on Heath Street
  2. Consideration for disabled parking closer to the key features of the town centre (such as the Market Hall and Lyceum Theatre)
  • Details of a sustainable maintenance regime for the refurbished public realm, with particular attention to the expected effect of heavy goods vehicle traffic on the different aspects of the paving and surface treatments.
  1. The recognition of the Climate Emergency and financial prioritisation, in so much as to reduce waste in consideration of proposals associated with the Lyceum Powerhouse project, which would likely lead to the removal of proposed improvements associated with the unused market shed within the proposals of this application
  2. That the floor and fascia artwork is delivered in such a way as to be sensitive to the surrounding buildings and local tastes
  3. That the Heritage Officer’s comments are also submitted with the committee’s response.


Application No: 21/4771N
Proposal: The proposals can be split into 4 different sets of work. Firstly, install a new access lane along Pyms Lane, this will have its own fast action traffic barrier and bi-fold gate which will be controlled from the existing security hut. Secondly, widen the junction with the unnamed road, providing a dedicated left and right turn lane. This work will also allow a dedicated access lane to be provided between Pyms Lane and the unnamed road. Thirdly, install a new pedestrian access route from the car parking area, avoiding the car park entrance. Finally, widen the access road between the existing car park entrance and roundabout. A new traffic island will then be installed towards the roundabout, this will increase traffic safety in this area.
Location: Bentley Motors Limited, PYMS LANE, CREWE, CW1 3PL

No Objections


Application No: 21/5071N
Proposal: Proposed single storey extension to front elevation and additional windows in side elevations.
Location: 314, SYDNEY ROAD, CREWE, CW1 5LU

No Objections


Application No: 21/4901N
Proposal: Proposed apartments at Second Floor.
Location: 15-17, EDLESTON ROAD, CREWE, CW2 7HJ

RESOLVED:     That the committee objects strongly to the application on the following grounds:

  1. That the proposal represents overdevelopment of the site, providing poor quality of residential accommodation, as recognised in past refused application and dismissed appeal
  2. Inadequate provision for the storage of waste bins off the highway, which will lead to waste bins being retained on the highway and in the public realm, contrary to the Cheshire East Cleaner Crewe initiative
  • Inadequate provision for bike storage, contrary to Cheshire East Planning policy.
  1. The proposals do not fulfil Planning Policy SC4 (Residential Mix)
  2. The Proposals do not meet Technical Housing Standards
  3. The proposals fail to meet Cheshire East Local Plan policies SE1 and SD2 (Positive contribution to local standards and character)
  • That the proposals do not meet Housing Standards


Application No: 21/4906N
Proposal: Listed building consent for proposed development of replacement of the existing profiled sheet roofing with composite insulated profiled sheet roofing. The design of the roofs will be modified to create wider gutters, for maintenance access, which result in the height of the existing windows being reduced. The patent glazing at the base of the roof slope will also be removed as part of the replacement roofing
Location: Ruskin Community High School, RUSKIN ROAD, CREWE, CW2 7JT

No objection


Application No: 21/4879N
Proposal: Double storey side extension with part Double/Single storey rear extension

The committee seeks that the neighbour comments are considered in detail.


Application No: 21/4842N
Proposal: Change of use to first floor only from Class Use E(a) to Class Use C3(a) with elevational alterations.

RESOLVED: That the committee seeks that the application is reviewed and amended to address the following:

  1. That there is inadequate access/egress to the first floor and access/egress should be available to the rear
  2. That access for future residents to residential waste bins will not be adequate as the distance from their front door as proposed to the rear storage area is excessive, such that it is likely to lead to waste being stored on the street and in the public realm


Application No: 21/4477N
Proposal: Removal of existing bay window and replacement with new porch and cladding
Location: 221, BROAD STREET, CREWE, CW1 4JJ

No objections


Application No: 21/4684N
Proposal: Hello there, to build a granny annexe, mother in law is 77 and suffered a stroke

No objection, subject to such enforceable conditions can be placed to ensure that:

  1. the proposals, by way of demonstrating back land development, shall not provide for a separate dwelling, a separate lettable unit or for any future subdivision of the property
  2. That the annex must and can only be occupied by a member of the primary dwelling household
  • future use does not cause nuisance to neighbouring properties


  1. To consider making responses to any urgent planning application consultations that have arisen since this agenda was


Application No: 21/5093N
Proposal: Proposal to install 1 x Graphic vinyl
Location: Tesco Express, TOMMYS LANE, CREWE, CW1 6DN

No Objection


Application No: 21/5084N
Proposal: Installation of a pre-fabricated vehicle conditioning chamber for the use in preparing vehicles for Evaporative Emissions Certification testing to UK, European, North American, South South Korean and China standards
Location: Bentley Motors Limited, PYMS LANE, CREWE, CW1 3PL

No Objection


Application No: 21/5125C
Proposal: Erection of a small 11Kv substation to serve Crewe Lifestyles Centre, including cable easements, and other ancillary works.
Location: Land to the East, LYON STREET, CREWE

RESOLVED: That the committee seeks that the designs include for sustainable planted vegetative screening of the installed substation to ensure that there is no negative visual impact on the site as viewed from the roads surrounding.


Application No: 21/5209N
Proposal: Loft conversion and dormer window.
Location: 45, ELIOT CLOSE, CREWE, CW1 5HZ

No Objection

Application No: 21/5047N
Proposal: Planning application for the demolition of an existing building and the development of a building for B8 use at Units A and B, 1 Weston Road, Crewe, CW1 6BU.
Location: Units A & B, 1,  WESTON ROAD, CREWE, CW1 6BU

No objection, but seek that the following is amended:

  1. That provision of additional tree planting to more than replace those removed
  2. That the development demonstrates net biodiversity gain
  • That sustainable energy provision is accommodated (eg solar panel/photo voltaic)


  1. To note responses submitted under delegation since the previous meeting



9. To note and/or consider correspondence, consultations, planning policy circulated by the planning authority (Cheshire East Council) and member items

8.1 Member Item – Cllr Wye – 20 Minute Neighbourhoods

The committee expressed support for the principles of the scheme and interest in attendance at the suggested briefing and training

8.2 Member Item – Cllr Faddes – Bus User Survey

Officers will prepare a comparable digital survey, which after consultation with Cllr Faddes, will be shared digitally across council media and with relevant networks.

8.3 Flag Lane Link – Cheshire East Council Highways works

Members agreed to make individual representations related to these proposals

8.4 Leighton Hospital – redevelopment funding support

The Town Clerk was delegated to draft a letter on behalf of the committee for submission in support of the investment in Leighton Hospital

8.5 Great British Railways – Headquarters Competition

It was noted that Cheshire East Council will lead a campaign for Crewe to be the chosen location for the headquarters of Great British Railways.

10. To note the proposed date of the next meeting 15th November at 6pm – location and format of the meeting to be confirmed subject to current Covid-19 guidance and restrictions.

Meeting closed at 7.55pm

Chair   Cllr John Rhodes

Clerk    P Turner

Meeting documents

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