Operations & Improvements Committee Meeting

Minutes of the Operations and Improvements Committee Meeting 3rd October 2023 


Cllr Toni Mortimer

Cllr James Pratt

Cllr Kevin Murray

Cllr Steve Hogben

Cllr Stuart MacKay

Cllr Alan Coiley


Also in attendance – Melissa Crellin, Local Enterprise Partnership Strategy and Public Affairs Director

Town Clerk


1 Apologies were received from:

Cllr Bratherton, Cllr Yates, Cllr Straine-Francis & Cllr Messent

2    To note declarations of Members’ interests
  Cllr Hogben stated non-pecuniary interest as member of the Railway Cottages residents Association
3 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Operations and Improvements Committee meeting held on 18th July 2023

RESOLVED:  That the minutes are approved as a true record of the meeting

4 Public Participation
  A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments in relation to the published agenda items.
  [Cllr Coiley Joined the meeting at this point.]
5 To receive a presentation from the Local Economic Partnership (LEP) – Sustainable & Inclusive Economic Plan.
  The presentation on behalf of the Local Enterprise Partnership was noted.
6 To note the year-to-date financial position for the Operations and Improvements Committee.
7 To receive an update and consider matters related to the Regeneration Business Delivery Plan for 2022/23

i.        That the update report is noted

ii.       That the considerations and recommendations relating to the next phase of play area improvements is addressed at the next meeting of the committee.

iii.     That funding the purchase of litter signage utilising public realm budget is approved

8 To consider matters related to the allotments.


  i.                    That the work towards regularisation and progress so far is noted.

ii.                   That there is no capacity for direct management.

9 Member Items

9.1 Community Involvement in Public Green Spaces – Cllr Simon Yates

It was noted that this forms part of the Corporate Strategy and will be discussed further when Cllr Yates is available to speak to it.

9.2 Town Centre Regeneration – Cllr Simon Yates

This item was deferred to be discussed when Cllr Yates is available to speak to it.

RESOLVED: That the discussion is deferred until the next meeting, and a time when Cllr Yates can join the meeting

10 To consider an update and future delivery of the Cleaner Crewe Project and associated activities

i.                    That the project completion report is requested and awaited from Cheshire East Council

ii.                  That the associated budget line is amended to show “Cleaner Crewe”

11 To receive an update on the Heritage Delivery Plan
  The update report was noted and the officer thanked for their work delivery to date.
12 To consider an update on the Business Improvement District


i.                    That the update report is noted

ii.                   That provision is approved to fund the cost of ballot, estimated at £5,000, if called upon

  RESOLVED: That Standing Orders for meeting length are suspended to facilitate completion of the published meeting agenda.
13 To Consider the draft committee budget for 2024/25, providing a recommendation to Finance and Governance Committee.
  RESOLVED: That the draft budget is approved for onward recommendation within the council budget setting process
14 To note the proposed date of the next meeting Wednesday 17th January 2024 at 6pm.

Meeting closed at 8.06pm.

  Chair: Cllr S Mackay

Clerk: L Lewis


Meeting documents

Operations and Improvements supporting documents 1

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Operations and Improvements supporting documents 2

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Operations and Improvements supporting documents 3

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