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Minutes of the Operations and Improvements Committee Meeting 1st August 2022


Cllr Messent    Cllr Coiley    Cllr Walton   Cllr Clark   Cllr Edwards   Cllr Minshall

OI/22/1/1 To elect a Chair of the Operations and Improvements Committee.

That Cllr Messent is elected Chair of the committee.

OI/22/1/2 To elect a Vice Chair of the Operations and Improvements Committee.

That Cllr Clark is elected Deputy Chair of the committee.

OI/22/1/3 To receive apologies for absence.
  Apologies were received from Cllr Wye, Cllr Palin, Cllr Straine-Francis
OI/22/1/4   To note declarations of Members’ interests
  No declarations were made
OI/22/1/5 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Operations and Improvements Committee meeting held on 10th May 2022
  RESOLVED: That the minutes are approved as a true record of the meeting
OI/22/1/6 Public Participation
A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments
  No questions were received from members of the public in advance of the meeting.


OI/22/1/7 To note the year-to-date financial position for the Operations and Improvements Committee
  The year – to date position was noted


OI/22/1/8 To consider matters related to Heritage:
  8.1 Heritage Strategy



(i)                  To approve the proposal to allocate £10,000 from 345 EMR – Heritage as match funding for an exhibition to mark the 180th anniversary of the opening of Crewe Works.

(ii)                To approve the proposal to allocate £4,500 from 345 EMR – Heritage to develop and deliver heritage resources for schools.

8.2 Christ Church

The report was noted.

OI/22/1/9 To receive an update and consider matters related to the Delivery Plan for 2022/23.

1.      Crewe Business Improvement District

2.      Regeneration Projects

3.      Lyceum Square

Grant to Cheshire East Council, purchase of barriers and volunteer support.


The update was noted with the following approvals given:

1)      Regeneration Projects budget 307 4186

i)                    Knife Angel proposed project for M&E committee in September: To make £3000 of budget available for deposits to cover installation.

ii)                  Ly2: To support purchase of branded hi – vis vests and equipment for the safety and identification of volunteers up to the value of £500.

2)      473 4721 Public Realm

The purchase of barriers for events use was noted.

OI/22/1/10 To receive a report and consider matters related to the Crewe Ranger Service.

i.                    That the current operating model and understood tasks fulfils current expectations, including prioritising tasks in the public realm before addressing issues with ANSA-managed public parks and greenspaces

ii.                   That the viability of direct employment of the ranger service is explored

iii.                 As this service reaches its current level, consideration of the future scale of the service is required to ensure best efficacy and efficiency and a report detailing the opportunities and risks is prepared for committee consideration

iv.                 That it is recommended to Council that a 3- year commitment is approved for the service with ANSA, with appropriate clauses to provide flexibility for direct delivery.

v.                   That the cost impact of regrading and associated other considerations is explored and reported to this committee for consideration

vi.                 That a mixed working pattern is explored and considered, in consultation with the rangers.

vii.               That the Clerk can engage with CEC Assets to explore opportunities and associated considerations for a Crewe-based site for the ranger service.

OI/22/1/11 To consider matters related to the allotments:

11.1 Property Update.

11.2 Tree removal on Hungerford Road


i.                     That the committee recommends to council a term of 10years for site and/or federation leases.

ii.                    That the committee approves the prioritisation of preferred operating models runs as: 1. federation with subleases; 2. Individual site leases for the 8 sites; 3. Direct management by the council if the above are not achievable.

iii.                  That the committee seeks a formal report at the next opportunity that assesses the required capital investment for each site in recognition that the council is currently responsible.

iv.                  That the committee recommends to council the provision of temporary resource for 6 months to administer and collate the necessary information and engagement with sites and plot holders.

v.                    That the expenditure on works associated with boundary trees to protect the fencing is approved.

OI/22/1/12 To receive and consider a report related to Public Realm.
·       Resolved:

·       i) Approval to proceed with full costing and procurement of services and items in line with Council processes and procedures and governance.

·       ii) To focus on the more ambitious improvements along with cleansing.

·       iii) To present for future consideration, opportunities to introduce public art to the public realm such as timelines to explain the history of Crewe, and to replace banners with Crewe Branding once there are some new positive stories to tell.

·       iv) Delegation to Regeneration manager in agreement with Town Clerk for items of expenditure under £10,000 to be undertaken in line with financial regulations.

·     Budget line:

473 4721 Public Realm

OI/22/1/13 To consider a report regarding parks maintenance.

i)            That officers are tasked to express the view of the council that Crewe parks and play areas require additional resource in response to the need for equality in terms of facility accessibility and condition standards as are seen in other areas of the budget

ii)            That the council should consider if direct service delivery should be progressed as an option through devolution of the assets and services associated with Crewe, as is seen in other towns.


OI/22/1/14 To consider a report and select the play area for improvement in 2022/23 financial year.

To proceed with Frank Webb Avenue play area on the basis that there is ability to provide CCTV with a view to consideration of effectiveness of CCTV in the park to inform decision Claughton Avenue in 23/24

OI/22/1/15 To consider the draft budget for 2023/24.

That the draft budget to date is agreed, subject to further review at the next meeting of this committee.

OI/22/1/16 The date and time of the next meeting is to be confirmed.

Meeting closed at 9.56pm

Chair    Cllr Jamie Messent

Clerk    L Lewis








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