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 Minutes of the Members of the Marketing and Events Committee 11th September 2023


In attendance: Cllr Chapman, Cllr Edwards, Cllr Faseyi, Cllr Graham, Cllr Mackay, Cllr Mortimer, Cllr Wye


ME/23/2/1. To receive apologies for absence

Cllr Jill Rhodes, Cllr Straine-Francis

ME/23/2/2. To note declarations of Members’ interests

No members interests declared.

ME/23/2/3. To confirm and sign the minutes of the Marketing and Events Committee meeting held on Monday 12th June 2023.

RESOLVED: That the minutes are approved as a true record of the meeting

[Cllr Mortimer joined the meeting at this point]
ME/23/2/4. Public Participation

A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments in relation to the published agenda items.

ME/23/2/5. To review the year to date financial position for the Marketing and Events Committee.

The year-to-date financial position was noted by members.

ME/23/2/6. To receive an update relating to progress towards the business delivery plan as it relates to this Committee.



i.               Members noted the update of the business delivery plan.


ii.              Members approved reallocation of £3000 of Operation Summer underspend and £4000 of Crewe Works 180 programming underspend (£7000 in total) to an Operation Autumn event in order to programme more FREE to access activities for families that will take place during Autumn half term (within the 350 4259 Community Events budget line).

ME/23/2/7. To receive an update on progress towards bringing music events to Crewe in 2024.

Members noted the update on bringing music events to Crewe in 2024 and approved 4 smaller test and trial events being delivered throughout the year. Members directed officers to work towards planning and delivering a competition style event aimed at children and young people, a 90s/Brit Pop themed event, an event that champions equality and inclusion while recognising Crewe’s diverse community and an event aimed at older generations.

It was decided that further discussion was needed around the themes and format of the 4 events. Members will be invited to attend workshop style meetings by officers to discuss further.

ME/23/2/8. To receive an update on bringing the Manchester Anti-Violence Bee to Crewe in May 2024 and more public art installations in 2025.

Members noted the update on brining the Manchester Anti-Violence Bee to Crewe in May 2024 and more public art installations in 2025.

ME/23/2/9 To review request to allocate £5000 towards a community awards event in February 2024.

RESOLVED: That £5000 is allocated (460 4288 budget line) to planning and delivering a community awards scheme and event.

ME/23/2/10. To consider a reserve for celebration activities to mark the bicentennial of Crewe

RESOLVED: Members approved a bicentennial reserve being established (recommendation to Council).

ME/23/2/11. To receive an update on the 2023 Christmas Lights Switch on event planning.

Members noted the update on the 2023 Christmas Lights Switch on event. Members directed that there should be an official specified switch on time and considered that this might be a mid-point in the event rather than an end point.

ME/23/2/12. To note the procurement process for the delivery of Christmas Lights displays and infrastructure for 2024 to 2027.


i.               Members noted the procurement process.

ii.              Members approved the January Marketing and Events Committee meeting being moved to Tuesday 30th January 2024.

ME/23/2/13. To receive an update on Operation Summer

Members noted the update on a successful delivery of Operation Summer 2023 with 87 events and activities delivered from 24th July – 31st August 2023 and 4923 spaces being used by the Crewe Community. This was delivered under budget allowing more value to be added later in the year through Operation Autumn events and activities.

ME/23/2/14. ME Budget Setting 2024/25

Members approved the draft Marketing and Events budget for FY 24/25.

ME/23/2/15. Social media and Communications update

Members noted the update on social media and communications.

ME/23/2/16. Member items


ME/23/2/17. To note the proposed date of the next meeting Monday 6th November at 6:00pm.

Members noted the date and time of the next meeting.

Meeting closed at 19:40pm

Chair: Cllr Martin Edwards

Clerk: R Mason


Meeting documents

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