Full Council Committee Meeting

MINUTES of the meeting of Crewe Town Council 05/12/2023

In attendance:

Cllr Joy Bratherton

Cllr Dawn Clark

Cllr Alan Coiley

Cllr Martin Edwards

Cllr Irene Faseyi

Cllr Sally Graham

Cllr Lena Hogben

Cllr Steve Hogben

Cllr Marilyn Houston

Cllr Toni Mortimer

Cllr Kevin Murray

Cllr Jill Rhodes

Cllr John Rhodes

Cllr Dennis Straine-Francis

Cllr Ben Wye

Cllr Simon Yates


The meeting was opened with an update from the Mayor on their civic engagements and thanks for the support of the deputy mayor.

CTC/23/4/1 To receive apologies for absence
  Cllr Clair Chapman; Cllr Stuart MacKay; Cllr Jamie Messent; Cllr James Pratt
CTC/23/4/2    To note declarations of Members’ interests

Cllr Kevin Murray declared a non-pecuniary interest in agenda item 10

CTC/23/4/3 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Crewe Town Council Meeting held on 26th September 2023
  RESOLVED: That the minutes are approved as a true record of the meeting
CTC/23/4/4 Public Participation
  A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments in relation to the published agenda items.

In response to correspondence received relating to safer cycling in Crewe the members commented:

That they feel more could be done to make active travel more accessible and in Crewe and that they continue to support investment in cycle safety and active travel infrastructure projects as well as engaging with the local policing unit to discourage cycling on pavements.


CTC/23/4/5. To receive updates from Committee Chairs in relation to meetings held since the Crewe Town Council meeting on 26th September 2023:-


a)                   Committee: Finance and Governance

Chair: Cllr Jill Rhodes

Meeting held: 31st November 2023


That the reviewed governance documents (Bring Your Own device (BYOD) Policy, Child Protection & Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding Policy, Customer Care Policy & Complaints Code, Crewe Friendship & Twinning Policy, General Privacy Notice) are approved for adoption


b)                   Committee: Operations and Improvement

Chair: Cllr Jamie Messent

Meetings held: 3rd October 2023

Minutes noted


c)                   Committee: Marketing and Events

Chair: Cllr Martin Edwards

Meetings held: 6th November 2023


i.                    That £20,000 allocation of 23/24 strategic events budget for bringing the Anti-Violence Bee to Crewe in May 2024 is approved.

ii.                  That an allocation of £30,000 of 23/24 Strategic events budget  is approved to sponsor bringing a soapbox derby to Crewe in July 2024 to celebrate Crewe day.


d)                   Committee: Planning

Chair: Cllr John Rhodes

Meetings held: 16th October & 20th November 2023



e)                   Committee: Community Plan

Chair: Cllr Dawn Clark

Meetings held: None


f)                    Committee: Personnel

Chair: Cllr Jill Rhodes

Meetings held: None



6. To note any updates from members having attended external meetings
  Cllr Rhodes provided a verbal update from the Crewe Town Board expressing that the board has been informed that projects are progressing; that the history centre project is consulting on the external wall artwork; and that the board received a presentation from Cheshire Police relating to their plans to relocate the central operation of the local policing unit out of the town centre.


Cllr Wye reported that he had attended Radio Stoke to promote Crewe and the Crewe Christmas Video.

7. To note, consider and approve payments between 1/10/2023 and 31/10/2023 as per governance to the value of £123,487.31, as recommended by the Finance & Governance Committee.
  RESOLVED:  That the spend of £123,487.31 is approved
8. To note the spend to date (to 31st October 2023) financial report
9. To consider the draft council budget and to set the precept requirement for financial year 2024/25, as recommended by the Finance & Governance Committee
  RESOLVED: That the precept requirement of £1,330,554 and associated draft budget is approved
10. To note the UKSPF grants update and approve the associated spend, as recommended by the Finance & Governance Committee.

RESOLVED:  That the UKSPF Grant award is accepted and the associated project delivery spend approved

11. Member Items

11.1 Cllr Simon Yates – Crewe Town Council’s role in town centre regeneration


i.                    Recognise the need for the development of both a short term and a longer- term plan for the Town Centre to complement the investments that are already being implemented

ii.                   Call upon Cheshire East Council and Crewe Town Board to join the Town Council, together with other stakeholders in determining a plan for Crewe

iii.                 That the council will consider how its resources are applied in the 2024/25 Business Delivery Plan, which could improve the environment for Town Centre users and businesses in the meantime

iv.                 That the clerk is directed to investigate the cost and resource requirements to create and deliver a master plan for Crewe and to engage with Cheshire East Council to progress a master plan for Crewe as a formal aspect of local planning and strategic development.

12. To note the date of the next meeting of Council – 26th March 2024

Meeting closed at 7.31pm

Chair – Cllr D Straine-Francis (Mayor)

Clerk – P Turner



Meeting documents

Full Council Agenda Pack 051223

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