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                                              MINUTES of the meeting held 7th June 2022

 In attendance:             Cllr Emma Angier         Cllr Benn Minshall           Cllr Jill Rhodes

                                            Cllr John Rhodes          Cllr Dennis Straine-Franci

 Also in attendance:     Cllr Kevin Murray       

FG/22/1/1 To receive apologies for absence
  Cllr Jamie Messent
FG/22/1/2    To note declarations of Members’ interests
FG/22/1/3 To elect a Deputy Chair of the committee
  RESOLVED: That Cllr Angier is appointed deputy chair of the committee
FG/22/1/4 To confirm and sign the Minutes of the Finance and Governance Committee meeting held on 26th April 2022
  RESOLVED: That the minutes are approved as a true record of the meeting
FG/22/1/5 A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments.


FG/22/1/6 To review the year to date financial position for Crewe Town Council


FG/22/1/7 To note and recommend to Council approval of payments 1st April to 31st May to the value of £64,796.76

RESOLVED: That the payments are noted and recommended to council for approval

FG/22/1/8 To review the following Governance Documents as part of the Annual Governance Review Process:-

8.1 Financial Risk Assessment

8.2 Cookie Policy

8.3 ICT Policy

8.4 IT Website & Email policy – to be deleted as duplication of 8.3 (above) & Internet, Email & Social Media Policy (adopted March 2022)

8.5 Information & Data Protection Policy

RESOLVED: That the above amended and reviewed policies are approved and recommended to Council, noting the deletion of 8.4 above due to duplication.

FG/22/1/9 To receive and consider an update from the project oversight group.


i.                    That Cheshire East Council, as the funding lead authority, should be contacted formally via the relevant CEC officer to be made aware of the concern relating to project delivery

ii.                   That Cheshire East Council should be asked to give guidance on how the project should be updated within the terms of the programme

10 To consider in principle the opportunity to receive funding income to support Crewe Town Board

RESOLVED: That the principle of hosting the Crewe Town Board communications function is supported subject to details and confirmation of funding, noting that the detailed proposal requires further consideration by this committee and onward recommendation to council if approved.

11 To consider the budget setting schedule for delivery of a 2023/24 budget

RESOLVED: That the budget setting schedule is agreed and recommended to council

12 To receive an update on office accommodation

The update was received and it was agreed that a retractable wall is not considered suitable at this time

13 To receive the Annual Report 2021/22


i.                    That the annual report was received and approved (with the additional of reference to the Planning Committee

ii.                   That the clerk formally contacts Cheshire East Council at an executive level to express the committee’s incandescent rage at the delays in installing the mobile CCTV cameras associated with the Cleaner Crewe Project

14 To note the proposed date of the next meeting Tuesday 13th September at 7pm, location and format of the meeting to be  confirmed.

Meeting closed at 7.51pm

Chair             Cllr Jill Rhodes

Clerk             P Turner

Meeting documents

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