Events and Culture Committee Meeting

Minutes of the Members of the Events and Culture Committee 22nd May 2024

In attendance: Cllr Edwards, Cllr Graham, Cllr Mackay, Cllr Straine-Francis, Cllr Jill Rhodes, Cllr Wye, Cllr Chapman

EC/24/1/1. To receive apologies for absence

Cllr Faseyi, Cllr Mortimer

EC/24/1/2. To elect the committee Chair and Deputy Chair for 2024/25
  i.                    Cllr Edwards was elected as Chair
  ii.                   Cllr Chapman was elected as Deputy Chair
EC/24/1/3. To note declarations of Members’ interests

Cllr Mackay declared a non- pecuniary interest as a trustee of the heritage centre

EC/24/1/4. To confirm and sign the minutes of the Marketing and Events Committee meeting held on 19th March 2024.

RESOLVED: That the minutes are approved as a true record of the meeting

EC/24/1/5. Public Participation

A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments in relation to the published agenda items.


EC/24/1/6. To provide a review of workstreams of this committee as they relate to the prior iteration and future delivery
  Members noted the review.
EC/24/1/7. To receive an update relating to progress towards the business delivery plan as it relates to this Committee.

Members noted the update.

EC/24/1/8. Heritage Centre Engagement & Heritage Projects

Members noted the update.

EC/24/1/9. Match Funding Request


i.                    Crewe Town Council support the project and application to the Arts Council

ii.                   Members of Events and Culture Committee approve the request for £10,000 match funding in principle subject to receiving a more detailed business case and plan for the creative hub as well as confirmation of all other associated funding.

iii.                 The committee accepts the need for a Memorandum of Understanding and supports the collaborative approach, however details of the Memorandum of Understanding are to be negotiated and require further definition.

EC/24/1/10. Town centre event space – operational delivery at Lyceum Square

RESOLVED: That the committee recommends to Council:

  i.                    The principle that Crewe Town Council takes a leading role in the operation of Lyceum Square by providing resources to take unfettered responsibility for events, cultural activities and community bookings on Lyceum Square.

ii.                   That any operational agreement is required to demonstrate a clear and efficient operational opportunity for Crewe Town Council.

iii.                 That Year 1 (2024/25) resources (Table below) are drawn down from general reserves


Item Cost Estimate
Seasonal delivery resource (contractor) £15,000
Event performances £25,000
Evaluation £5,000
Road closures and resources £5,000
Contingency £5,000


iv.                 That onward years are included within the budget setting processes and considerations for future years, subject to detailed agreements.

v.                   That it is delegated to the Town Clerk to progress the necessary negotiations with Cheshire East Council and to procure the delivery contractor.

EC/24/1/11. To note the proposed date of the next meeting 17th July at 6:00pm.


Meeting closed at 19:16pm

Chair: Cllr Martin Edwards

Clerk: R Mason

Meeting documents

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