Engineering Crewe’s Future Story


Starts on Wednesday 12th Feb 2020 at 11:00am
Ends on Wednesday 12th Feb 2020 at 01:00pm Memorial Square in Crewe


Lyceum Theatre, Heath Street, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 2DA

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Please join us to discuss and explore Crewe’s future potential and help make a difference in your community and your town. Working with local arts organisation Divergence together we will share the best stories, ideas and visions and will co-create our own future story of Crewe through future-facing fanzines or podcasts.

Crewe is a town that many are unfamiliar with and yet deserves a place in the public consciousness as one of the most connected and accessible places in the UK. There is a unique history that needs to be celebrated alongside a forward facing creative and digital sector. Crewe is important to the UK’s industrial heritage and manufacturing future. It is a principle town in Cheshire East. With its education and sport facilities, the growing night-time economy and heritage assets, Crewe has a lot to celebrate and the potential is huge!

This work is being undertaken as part of Crewe’s Place Brand project.

Crewe is currently undertaking a place brand exercise which means it is creating a set of core values which have been co-created and agreed by the people of Crewe. Through a series of workshops, events and an online survey, Hemingway Design, Creative Tourist with Crewe Town Council, South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Cheshire East Council have been finding out what makes Crewe special and unique as well as identify where the opportunities lie.

The results of the place brand work will enable Crewe’s residents and business communities to identify future opportunities and make them happen, positioning Crewe as an important asset to the rest of the UK.

The workshops will be facilitated by Claire Tymon on behalf of HemingwayDesign.

The venue is accessible. Tea and coffee will be available.

The workshops are free and you are welcome to drop in anytime, although we do encourage you to spend as much time with us discussing your ideas and stories.