Crewe Town Council

In attendance:

Cllr Emma Angier            Cllr Tess Buckley                         Cllr Dawn Clark

Cllr Tom Dunlop              Cllr Martin Edwards                   Cllr Hazel Faddes

Cllr Lena Hogben             Cllr Benn Minshall                      Cllr Phoenix Morrissey

Cllr Jill Rhodes                 Cllr Dennis Straine-Francis       Cllr Nan Walton


Minutes of the Meeting Held 7th December 2021

1. To receive and consider apologies for absence

Apologies were received for Cllrs Coiley, Cosby, Messent, John Rhodes, Houston and Wye


RESOLVED: That a dispensation of 6 months for leave from council meetings is approved for Cllr Messent in recognition of the current need for consideration.

2. To note declarations of Members’ interests
3. To confirm and sign the minutes of the Crewe Town Council Meeting held on 9th November 2021


RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting are approved as a true record of that meeting

4. Public Participation
  A period not exceeding 15 minutes for members of the public to ask questions or submit comments.


Public Speaker 1

Question 1

Why were the public excluded from the switch on of the Christmas lights?

Cllr Dunlop responded:

The planning for such large-scale events starts months in advance and the risks have to be considered. It was a difficult decision due to the pandemic. A switch on event would encourage thousands to gather together and potentially risk ruining all Christmases for lots of households. I fully endorse my fellow members’ decision and truly hope that we can bring back a traditional switch on event again next year.


Question 2

Crewe has the worst street in the UK for broadband speed on Wistaston Road. How will Crewe Town Council communicate the need to address this to government?

Cllr Jill Rhodes responded:

That communication to the MP and government would have minimal effect due to the privatised nature of the service.

It was agreed that the clerk would write to the LEP, MP and Secretary of State to raise the issue.


5. To receive updates from Committee Chairs in relation to meetings held since the Crewe Town Council meeting on 28th September 2021:-


a.       Committee: Finance and Governance

RESOLVED: That the governance documents reviewed as part of the ongoing rolling process for governance resilience are approved


b.      Committee: Operations and Improvement

RESOLVED: That Councillor Dennis Straine- Francis is appointed as the Council representative to the Heritage Group


c.       Committee: Marketing and Events

Items for consideration: None


d.      Committee: Planning

Items for consideration: None


e.       Committee: Community Plan

Items for consideration: None


f.     Committee: Personnel

Items for consideration: None


6. To note any updates from members having attended external meetings


7. To note, consider and approve payments (1/9/2021 to 31/10/2021) to the value of £74,227.84 and spend to date as shown in the attached reports

RESOLVED: That the spend of £74,227.84 is approved

8. To consider approval of membership subscription for South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce – £165

RESOLVED: That the membership subscription of £165 is approved

9. As recommended by the Finance and Governance Committee, that the Interim Internal Audit is approved

RESOLVED: That the Interim Internal Audit is received and approved.













To consider the draft budget for financial year 2022/23 and therefore inform associated precept requirement.

Cllr Jill Rhodes recommended the budget to council. It is a below inflation precept increase (2.97%) which enable services that benefit residents and build civic pride to continue to deliver effectively. Building on work done relating to regenerating the perception of Crewe; delivering events and entertainment; Tree of Light; Christmas Lights and activities; public realm maintenance; investing in projects; community grants; improving parks and play areas; ensuring residents are the priority; enhancing and promoting Crewe’s heritage; public safety and CCTV provision seeking inward investment and grants; and promoting Crewe as a place to live, work and invest.


RESOLVED: That the Crewe Town Council budget for the financial year 2022/23 is approved and therefore informs the associated precept requirement.


To note the date of the next meeting of Crewe Town Council as Tuesday 29th March 2022 at 7pm. Location and meeting format to be confirmed subject to Covid-19 restrictions and considerations at that time.


Meeting closed: 7.24pm

Chair     Cllr Tom Dunlop

Clerk     P Turner


Meeting documents

Full Council agenda pack

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