Community Plan Committee


Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 17th January 2022

Present:  Councillors: Benn Minshall, Tom Dunlop, Dennis Straine-Francis, Nan Walton, Lena Hogben, Hazel Faddes, Dawn Clark, Martin Edwards

CP22/1/01 Apologies for absence

Cllr Ben Wye

Cllr Alan Coiley

Cllr Jill Rhodes

Cllr Tess Buckley

CP22/1/02  To consider co-option of new Members on to this committee

RESOLVED: The co-option of Cllr Dawn Clark & Cllr Martin Edwards was agreed

CP22/1/03 To note declarations of Members’ interests


CP22/1/04 Public Participation

No public participation

A funding request was made by Cllr Tom Dunlop to support an event for the benefit of the Polish Community to be held in the Market Hall on 26th February.

Cllr Dunlop agreed to provide more information

The Committee agreed to publicise the event

CP22/1/05 To confirm and sign the Minutes of the Community Plan Committee meeting held on 11th October 2021

RESOLVED: The minutes of the meeting were approved as a true record

CP22/01/06 Grant Updates – to receive and note updates from past recipients of grants:

Grant updates noted

CP22/01/07 To review the year to date financial position for the Community Plan Committee.

The year to date financial position was noted.

CP22/01/08 To consider matters related to grant applications received from:

Organisation Purpose
Central Cheshire        Buddy Scheme


Specialist ‘Swim Buddy’ Support for young people with disabilities aged between 18-25 years

The grant of £1260 was approved

Hope Café drop in To Support Asylum Seekers & Refugees in Crewe
RESOLVED The grant of £2500 was approved
Ruby’s Fund Butterfly Group – Community Play Project
RESOLVED Application deferred pending further information
Crewe Lyceum



Moving Stories – Unique blend of creative storytelling, with a strong foundation in improving development skills and building resilience, communication & connection.

The application was rejected


CP22/01/09 Member Item updates:

9.1 Verdun Oaks Information Board Update

9.2 St Peter’s Church Update

9.3 Crewe Cemetery (Orbitas) Memorial Garden Update

Member Item updates noted

  Member items for this meeting

9.4   Speed Management Strategy – Cllr Faddes

Cllr Faddes provided an update on Cheshire East Council’s Speed Management Strategy.

9.5   Asset Map – Cllr Minshall

RESOLVED: To explore the resource requirements to explore the creation of an Asset Map

CP22/01/10 10.1 To consider £500 sponsorship application from Motherwell #seeitbeit campaign

RESOLVED:  The application was approved

10.2 To consider funding and installation of 5 x Defibrillators in Crewe

RESOLVED:  That the purchase and installation of up to 5 Automatic External Defibrillators (AED), associated casing and installation costs is approved up to the value of £1750 per unit to be taken from the Health & Wellbeing line, code, 470/4767, to be installed in the public realm on the external of suitable buildings, subject to appropriate permissions and agreements being place

CP22/01/11 Allotment’s update – Clerk

The update on the Allotment’s was noted

CP22/01/12 To provide an update relating to the Business Delivery Plan for the Community Plan Committee

12.1 – Business Delivery Plan

The update on the business delivery plan was noted

CP22/01/13 To note the date of the next Community Plan Committee meeting as Tuesday 15th March 2022. Location and/or the format of the meeting as yet to be confirmed, based on the guidance and regulations at that time.


Meeting documents

Community Plan Committee Agenda pack 17/01/22

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