Community Plan Committee


                               Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 15th March 2022

 Present: Councillors Benn Minshall, Alan Coiley, Lena Hogben, Tom Dunlop, Nan Walton, Dawn Clark,  Dennis Straine-Francis, Jill Rhodes

CP22/2/01   Apologies for absence: No apologies for absence were received.

CP22/2/02   To note declarations of Members’ interests:

Cllr Hogben declared a non-pecuniary interest in Agenda Item 7.3 – Member of Grove                                  Singers.

Cllr Dunlop declared a non-pecuniary interest in Agenda Item 8.1 – Member of Twinning                             Association.

CP22/2/03   Public Participation: There were no comments or questions from the public.

CP22/2/04   To confirm and sign the minutes of the Community Plan Committee Meeting held on 17th

January 2022.

RESOLVED:       The minutes of the meeting were approved as a true record


CP22/2/05   Funding updates – to receive and note updates from past recipients:

Funding updates were noted.

CP22/2/06   To review the year to date financial position for the Community Plan Committee

The year to date financial position was noted.

CP22/2/07   To consider matters related to grant applications received from:


  Organisation Purpose Amount  
7.1 Ruby’s Fund (re-submission) Butterfly Group  –   Community Play Project

More info sought and supplied

  RESOLVED:  To award funds of £1300 from the Social Isolation Budget (4769 470)
7.3 Grove Singers


Mixed voice community choir – ‘Another 25 years’

To award funds of £1500



7.4 Crewe Flyers


‘Rising Stars’ swimming club – Aged 8-20

To award funds of £2500

7.5 YMCA New Holiday Villages £2315.92
RESOLVED:  To award funds of £2315.92 from the Social Isolation Budget (4769 470)
7.6 Crewe Town Allotment Federation


Allotment Community Project – Site(s) improvements


To award funds of £2490


7.7 Crewe & District Military Vehicle Club


Armed Forces Day event at Queens Park £1420.00
To award funds of £1420 on the condition that proof of being a constituted group could be supplied.


Premises – Improve Facilities £1630.00
It was resolved to decline this application on the grounds that the applicant is not a constituted group and there is no distinct and separate bank account for the applicant group.


7.9 Ruskin Road Allotments


Communal Flexible Events Space

To award funds of £2500

7.10 Crewe Male Voice Choir


A concert to raise funds for disabled girls £288.00
To award funds of £288 subject to the Community & Funding Officer checking that the funds would cover the whole event.
7.11 Healthbox



Summer refresh 2022 – Sherbourne Estate Community Project

To award funds of £2500

7.12 British Red Cross Crewe Mobility Aids delivery service £2500.00


To allocate funds of £2500 from the Social Isolation Budget (4769 470)  (Note: Community & Funding Officer was asked to check progress of pending additional funding applications).
7.13 Friends of Crewe South 1 Alleyways


Regeneration Project


To award funds of £2450

7.14 South Cheshire Clasp ‘Here to Listen’ Specialist support for lone parents £2199.00
RESOLVED:  To award funds of £2199 from the Social Isolation Budget (4769 470)
7.15 Creative Crewe


Events Delivery

To award funds of £1000





Member items:

8.1   Twinning – Cllr Dunlop

Twinning update noted.

RESOLVED: To maintain links and to arrange a meeting with the Twinning Association to establish the support required.

8.2  Networking Event – Cllr Clark

Networking event update noted.

RESOLVED: To initiate further discussion around a potential event, planning, Officer time and costs involved.

8.3   Grants Advisory Group – Cllr Minshall

Grants Advisory Group update noted.


i.                    To establish a Grants Advisory Group to discuss applications in advance of the Community Plan Meeting.

ii.                   Councillors Clark, Coiley and Straine-Francis volunteered to be part of it.

iii.                 Community & Funding Officer to ascertain interest from other members of the Community Plan Committee and Council.

CP22/02/09 Mayoral update – ‘What has The Mayor been up to’

Mayoral update was noted

CP22/02/10 To provide an update relating to the White Ribbon Campaign

White Ribbon Campaign update noted.

RESOLVED: To share through the Council’s Social Media channels and link in with other local associated groups.


CP22/02/11 To provide an update relating to the Business Delivery Plan 2022/23 for the Community Plan Committee.

11.1 – Business Delivery Plan


i.                    That the Community Plan Committee Business Delivery Plan and associated spend within the approved 2022/23 budget is recommended for approval by Council

ii.                   That all associated spend and procurement is delivered within the council’s governance

iii.                 That all ongoing work, actions and outcomes are reported regularly to the associated committees and council where relevant.

iv.                 That undefined aspects of delivery are progressed though the appropriate governance, committee or council for further development and definition for later approval.


CP22/02/12 To note the proposed date of the next meeting Monday 6th June 2022 at 6pm – location and format of the meeting to be confirmed  subject to government Covid-19 safety guidance

and restrictions at that time.

Meeting Closed at 7:36pm

Chair     Cllr Benn Minshall

Clerk     J Dow


Meeting documents

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Networking in Crewe

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Mayor's Engagements 2021-22

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