Cllr Simon Yates

In April 2013 I was privileged to be elected to the new Crewe Town Council and to contribute to the life of the Town. My election was particularly important to me because for the last 25 years I have either worked or lived in Crewe and had become increasingly concerned at the lack of a voice for the people of Crewe and the interests of Crewe as a Town which has strong points but also significant problems.

I live in my Ward, Crewe South and am married to Diane. I have 3 adult daughters, one of whom works in Crewe and have recently retired after 35 years working in health care management.

My other interests include being the Chair of the Board at South Cheshire College and in the activities of my Rotary Club. I am a continuous student in the study of modern political and military history

Since April 2013 I have enjoyed being part of a Town Council which has focused on:

  1. Creating a sense of community by
  • Developing a strong organisation on a sound financial basis which has generated links throughout the Town and used public money effectively.
  • Creating a Youth Employment Partnership bringing together local businesses, employers, Colleges and University.
  • Investing £50K in grants to support local organisations based in Crewe and working for Crewe people.
  • Investing £30K in CCTV services which provide community safety
  1. Generating civic pride through
  • Establishing the Town Council as “A Voice for Crewe”
  • Undertaking a public consultation on the development of a long term Community Plan for Crewe.
  • Investing £65K to support the Allotments Federation in recovering from the years of lack of investment
  1. Encouraging economic development by
  • Investing £15K in Town Centre activities, events and festivals which have generated new business and interest in the Town Centre.
  • Investing £100k to improve the Town environment including street flower displays and Christmas lights.

Declaration of Interest

Contact Details

01270 650025

17 Thorley Grove